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Move Over, Buffy...

It's now daytime, and Sam is reading something in the motel room when Dean returns and says he checked a multitude of possible locations, but no Gordon. Sam sighs that he did the same. "Big city." Dean notes that there's not much daylight left, and Sam then demands Dean's cell phone, since if Gordon knows their numbers, he could use their cell signals to track them. I'm sorry, Sammy, I love you and all, but that's pretty moronic -- if Gordon had that trick available to him, he wouldn't have needed Bela's help in the first place.

Cut to Sam stomping on their phones. Geez, Sammy, is that a Treo? You didn't want to sell it on the street corner for some fast cash? Anyway, as soon as the phones are dead, El Deano declares his intention to go after Gordon, leading to another argument about the fact that Dean is Playing Fast And Loose With His Much-Abbreviated Life, although I will give El Deano points for replying to Sam labeling him a kamikaze with this: "I'm more like a ninja." Heh. Sam: "Quit turning everything into a punchline." I...don't know what to say to that. Sammy, however, goes on that Dean is scared. "Your year is running out." Faster than we even thought, thanks to the AMPTP. Dean dismissively asks how Sam knows he's freaked, but Sammy turns the Super-Steely Puppy Dog Eyes up to full power: "I've been looking up to you since I was four, Dean! Studying you, trying to be just like my big brother! So yeah, I know you -- better than anyone else in the entire world. And this is exactly how you act when you're terrified." Aw! This is so touching that I'll forego any snickering about the Ginormotron looking up to Lil' Stumpy. Sam goes on that he can't blame Dean, but...he wishes he would drop the show and be his brother again. His eyes glisten a little as he adds, "'Cause...just 'cause." Dean, clearly affected, agrees to hole up instead of chasing Gordon. The brothers look at each other with tons of stuff left unsaid, and I know I'm new here but I'm pretty sure that scene was awesome in every way.

After a quick montage of the boys fortifying their defenses, it's now night, and Dean's new cell rings, much to the boys' surprise and chagrin. He answers, and it's Gordon, who tells him his scent was all over the phone store. I hope that doesn't mean Dean nailed the checkout girl in exchange for free service. Dean starts to taunt Gordon, saying he won't find them, but it turns out that Gordon has taken a girl hostage, and when he puts her on the phone and she simply begs, "Please," the smirk is wiped off Dean's face for the second time in as many minutes. I guess maybe Kubrick had a point about Gordon after all. Gordon gives Dean his location and tells him they'd better be there in twenty minutes, or the girl dies. Dean begs him not to do this, as he's still a hunter and doesn't kill innocents. Gordon: "No. I'm a monster." That's true, and it's quite the bummer. On the plus side: METAL TEETH CHOMP!

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