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Move Over, Buffy...

And now, a scene of brotherly bonding that is both long overdue and guaranteed to pull tears down the cheeks of even the most iron-hearted. As Bad Company's "Crazy Circles" plays on the car radio, Sammy gets two beers out of a cooler and then sits on it and hands one of the bottles to Dean, who's working on the Impala, as apparently there's some sort of rattle under the hood. ["Wow, beer and auto repair? Apparently, Dean needs a lot of cover before he goes sensitive." -- Joe R] At Dean's request, Sam hands him a box wrench, and he takes it but then pauses and tells Sam to come join him. Adorably, Sam asks if he handed Dean the wrong tool, but it turns out Dean wants to give Sam a lesson on the car's engine. He talks about the valve cover and the intake manifold, and Sam is cutely proud of himself to be able to identify the location of the carburetor. Sam then asks what's up "with the auto shop," and Dean wordlessly holds out a ratchet wrench to him -- he wants Sammy to fix the car, saying he's going to need to know these things for the future. It's such a simple scene in concept, and yet has so many layers -- Dean passing down his knowledge like a big brother should and acting like Sammy's friend again, letting Sammy share the most important thing he owns, but tinged with the sadness of the knowledge that Dean likely won't be around much longer, and the bittersweet idea that the Impala will be Sam's if and when Dean is gone. Sam's initial joy fades as he realizes the full import of what Dean is doing here, and takes the wrench and gravely gets to work. Dean sits on the cooler with his brew, and as touching as this scene is, I'm not completely sure I buy him letting Sammy loose on the car without standing over his shoulder like a nervous mother hen. All right, I'm just trying to hold it together here...pull back, and we're out. Sniff! That was good stuff. Many thanks to Demian for filling in some gaps in my show knowledge -- he'll be back next time.

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