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A Fistful Of Hardy Boys

"Do you know what this son of a bitch did?" Finch seethes, nodding in the deputy's direction. Dean does not, so Radioactive Ted fills him in, and it's an ugly tale: Seems the deputy attempted to rape Finch's human wife, and when Finch intervened, the deputy shot her. The wife died, the deputy colluded with the sheriff and the judge to execute Radioactive Ted, and now here we are. "Are you really willing to die to protect this piece of filth?" Finch asks of Dean. "Honestly," Dean replies, "I could care less about him. He's a dick and a coward, but this ain't about him -- I know what you are, so I gotta kill you." "If you know what I am," Radioactive Ted taunts, "then you know you can't." And as Dean chews that thought over, Finch lunges for a nearby holster, yanks out the gun, shoves the barrel between the prison bars, and shoots the deputy through the chest. "Wow, I should've seen that coming," Dean sighs to himself, and he hurls himself out through a window before Radioactive Ted gets a chance to draw a bead on him, too.

Dean scampers off between the rickety wooden buildings as Finch squeezes off round after round in his general direction, and while I'm not counting the shots, I'm willing to bet there are far more than six. Just 'cause. Fortunately, Darling Sammy has finally made it back to town, and he hands The Fucking Colt over to Dean with less than...

...two minutes to go, according to Bobby's timer back at The Emporium. Bobby nervously fidgets in a chair at the center of the study while My Sweet Baboo rolls up his sleeve.

Sunrise. With Sam now looking on from the sidelines, Dean and Radioactive Ted reenact this evening's opening sequence, only this time around, Dean's a hell of a lot more screamy about the whole thing.

Meanwhile, back at The Emporium, My Sweet Baboo fists the hairball. "ZZZZZZZ -- SLUTS! -- ZZZZZZ!"

Sunrise. Dean and Radioactive Ted draw on each other, and while both fire off shots, Finch's apparently goes wide. Dean's, however, drills a hole right into Radioactive Ted's chest, where the magical bullet sizzles and zots until the wound bursts into flame. With a shocked expression on his face, Radioactive Ted goes up like a torch, eventually exploding into a pile of what appears to be charcoal, and if I cared, I'd note this seems like a pretty shitty way to treat a guy who really didn't do anything wrong, but I don't, so I won't. Except for, you know, the part where I just did.

With five seconds left to go, Castiel opens his eyes, and the blinding light that pours forth from them bleaches the screen white.

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