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A Fistful Of Hardy Boys

Back in Sunrise, the town's clock starts tolling the hour. Sam bellows for Dean to gather up Radioactive Ted's ashes before they run out of time, and in his haste, Dean drops The Fucking Colt onto the muddy street. Dean pulls a small bottle out of his oversized duster's pocket and races towards what little is left of Radioactive Ted, sliding down on his knees to...

...skid into The Emporium study, with Sam following close behind. Nice cut, there -- I knew it was coming, of course, but I was expecting Dean to at least get his hands in Finch's remains, so the timing was a fun little surprise. Aren't lowered expectations just fantastic? "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!" Yeah, that too. Our Thwarted Heroes gawp, both at each other and at Castiel and Bobby -- the latter of whom looks considerably worse for the wear, by the way -- and after a very lengthy pause, everyone vanishes into this evening's final CHOMP!-less commercial break.

"You gotta send us back!" Dean pleads with Castiel once we've returned, and My Sweet Baboo's silent glare in response tells Dean in no uncertain terms that Castiel doesn't "gotta" do anything he doesn't feel like doing, thank you very much. Though, you know, it does make me think: They now know there's this big pile of phoenix ash just lying in the middle of that town's main street at precisely 12:01 PM Sunrise time on March 5th, 1861, so even if My Sweet Baboo's too weary to send them back right this instant, couldn't he do so, like, tomorrow? You know, after he's fisted a couple more souls?

Whatever. It's not like I actually care, and besides, what happens next renders my musings moot. While Dean despairs, The Emporium's doorbell rings. Sam wanders over to answer, and it's a delivery boy from Western Courier, there to drop off a plot point the idiots responsible for this crap lifted whole entire from Back To The Future Part II. Hell, they even lifted some of the dialogue from that goddamned scene. The whole sordid mess just makes me so very tired, so we'll be cutting to the chase: Long story short, The Illustrious Mr. Colt got Sam's current date and Bobby's address from that Android he never returned, and he arranged for Western Courier to hang on to a package for 150 years that this delivery boy is now handing over to Sam. And inside that package? Sam's Android -- beaten all to hell, natch -- and a bottle of phoenix ash. "You know what this means?" Dean asks...well, everybody, I guess, but it's Bobby who answers. "Yeah," he smirks. "It means I didn't get a soulonoscopy for nothing." "Yes," Dean sighs before getting his tough-guy growl on to deliver this evening's final line. "And it means we take the fight to her." Reaction shots abound for a bit until we finally cut to black.

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