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Demian: F | 84 USERS: D
It's The Hardy Boys' Party

"Electromagnet," Sly El Deano explains as he and Darling Sammy climb aboard the Impala. "Wiped out every tape and hard drive they have." Wait. Can that actually know what? I DO NOT CARE BECAUSE THERE ARE ONLY TWENTY-THREE SECONDS LEFT IN THIS AWFUL EVIL EPISODE AND THIS SHOW BLOWS AND I WANT TO DIE AND I DO NOT CARE. "Atta girl!" Raoul approves. Thanks, friend of friends. "Don't mention it!" I won't! See what I did there? "I do! Very nice, I'm sure! Hee!"

In any event, Dean fires up Metallicar, and Our Intrepid Heroes speed off into the closing credit card. Wow, that sucked. And not in the good gay...oh, forget it. There's no way in hell I'm going there after what I've just endured.

Next week: I have no idea, because WGN failed to screen the promo after their much-delayed airing of this episode early last Friday morning. "Oooh, goody!" shrieks Raoul. "It's a mystery! I love mysteries! Kisses, my pretties!"

Demian does not like what you've done with your hair. Raoul, however, thinks you're divine. You may reach the former at The latter is an imaginary gay dragon on the internet.

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