Goodbye Stranger

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Raiders of the Lost Storage Shed

Now, back in the crypt, Cass-bot advances on Dean, who tries to appeal to whatever's left of the real Castiel. Cass-bot strikes at Dean, who holds up the stone lump like a shield.

"This isn't right," Castiel pleads with Naomi. "Do you realize what that tablet can do for us?" she asks. "For Heaven?" With her prize so close at hand, she's forgotten to keep her true intentions to herself. The tablet isn't about destroying angels -- or at least not just about that. Luckily for her, Castiel is too torn at the moment to really hear what she's just said. "I won't hurt Dean," he says. "Yes, you will," she says. "You are."

Indeed, Cass-bot is still going after Dean, strike at him with the sword, his face coolly expressionless. The real Castiel's face is anything but as he faces off with Naomi. "What have you done to me?" he asks, grabbing his head in agony. She tells him to relax. "Let your vessel do what you know deep down is the right thing."

The line between Castiel and Cass-bot is breaking down. "What have you done to me, Naomi?" he asks in the crypt. This is the first time Dean has heard the name. "Who is Naomi?"

"What have I done to you?" she echoes with undisguised rage. "Do you have any idea what it's like out there?" She reminds him of all the blood spilled on his account. "After everything you did to us -- to Heaven -- I fixed you, Castiel." He looks horrified. He's going to come out of this with a sense of self-loathing to rival Dean Winchester's.

Meg and Sam fight off some demons. Sam is... not doing all that well.

Dean reaches out to Castiel, lays a hand on his shoulder, but that crazy, mixed-up angel flings him across the crypt. He manages to scramble back onto his feet and grab the tablet, but Cass-bot stands in his way. Dean throws a punch, but Cass-bot catches his fist and snaps his arm like a Kit-Kat bar. The stone lump drops to the ground, breaking open to reveal the tablet inside.

Sam and Meg (mostly Meg) fight off the last of the demons, only to find themselves facing Crowley. "I believe they're playing my song," he says, making no sense at all.

Cass-bot proceeds to rearrange the bones of Dean's face with his fist. Between wallops, he glances down at the Angel Tablet, just lying there on the ground between them. "You want it, take it," Dean says. "But you're gonna have to kill me first." Or he could just bend down and pick it up. It's not like Dean is even holding onto it at this point, and even if he were it's not like it would matter. Cass-bot whales on Dean's previous perfect face somehow, as the real Castiel in Heaven beats on Naomi's desk in a similar fashion. "Please," he begs her. "End this," she tells him. "Bring me the tablet." But killing one real Dean proves much more difficult than killing a thousand practice Deans. Dean looks up at Cass-bot with his pulverized face and pleads through his broken teeth, "Cass, I know you're in there." Cass-bot raises his All-Purpose Angel Sword high, ready for the killing blow. "I know you can hear me," Dean goes on. "It's me. We're family. We need you. I need you."

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