Goodbye Stranger

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Raiders of the Lost Storage Shed

Outside, Meg is in bad shape, but clinging to life. Why she didn't leave her meatsuit at some point prior to this is a mystery. Crowley grabs her by the front of her shirt. "I could beat on you for an eternity," he says. "Take all the time you want, you pig," she says with as much bravado she can muster. She sees the Winchesters getting into the Impala, noting that Castiel isn't with them. "Your stone is long gone," she tells Crowley. When he glances over at the car, Meg stabs him with her All-Purpose Angel Sword. The point of entry crackles and fizzes a bit, but the effect seems no worse than a supernatural mosquito bite. However, when Crowley stabs Meg one last time, the results are far more permanent. The Winchesters, witnessing her death from the Impala, speed off into the night.

Later, Naomi meets with Crowley in the crypt. Revealed in a past episode to be a relatively young few hundred years old, here Crowley flirts with Naomi about the time they spent together in Mesopotamia. He's apparently called her there to make a deal, but she flits away before we can find out just what he planned to propose.

We join the Winchesters in mid-convo somewhere on the road. "So, what happened?" Sam wonders. "Cass touched the tablet and it reset him to his factory settings?" Dean says he doesn't know, and doesn't care. "All I know is that he is off the reservation with a heavenly WMD." He tells Sam he can't take lies anymore, from anyone. Sam doesn't get prissy or defensive, and instead apologizes for hiding his illness from Dean. He promises to be honest from here on out, or at least until the show needs to whip up some more Winchester angst. (Possibly when -- and this is pure speculation on my part -- Dean ends up being the one to do the Angel Tablet trials.) "I may not be able to carry the burden that comes along with these trials," Dean says, "but I can carry you." Sad, serious music plays. Sam looks very sad and serious. Dean looks even sadder and more serious. Tentatively, Sam asks, "You realize you kind of just quoted Lord of the Rings, right?" Hee. It's a serious moment that turns funny, then serious again when Dean turns on the radio and looks worried while "Goodbye Stranger" by Supertramp plays.

Naomi, too, looks worried as she fidgets at her desk. A minion angel comes in to give her an apologetic shake of the head, presumably communicating that Castiel has not yet been found.

The angels checked all of Castiel's usual haunts, like Dean's bedside and park benches and apiaries... But where they didn't check was a bus, which is where Castiel is currently rolling his way across unknown stretch of countryside at approximately 60 mph. "Hope you find your paradise," says the song as he takes a gander at the Angel Tablet before tucking it into his backpack. "Tried to see your point of view, hope your dreams will all come true." With Misha Collins signed as a series regular for next season, at least some fans' dreams will come true.

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