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Raiders of the Lost Storage Shed

The Winchesters don their FBI disguises and head off to Missouri or wherever the hell. For a show that relies so heavily on traveling, it's kind of odd how little the locations ever truly matter and how rarely they even seem like a different place from time to time. Except for the kitschy motels, it seems like little thought is put into imbuing a place with a unique personality. Anyway, once in Missokansanois, they question the latest victim's husband. "Did she have any enemies?" Sam asks. "Honestly," says the husband, "I can't think of a soul who'd want to hurt her, even after everything that happened." He says something in Anne changed about a week earlier, didn't seem like herself at all. He takes them down to the basement to show them what she was up to before she died. "She stopped eating, stopped sleeping. She went out in the middle of the night, going God knows where. I tried to talk to her, but she would just mutter to herself." A large work table is taken up by a scale model of the town. Suspended over the model are about two dozen little plastic bags of dirt, each hanging by a length of twine. The husband says she said something about an orchard. He says he followed her one night, and found her digging in the playground. "All these bags represent holes she had dug in the ground," he says. The model town is so complete that it even has little cars in its little streets. The husband says she dug as much as 15 feet straight down. "Did you notice anything else?" Sam asks. The husband hesitates, then says he confronted her one night. "After I called her out, her eyes... they turned black." The brothers exchange knowing looks. The husband says he left, thinking he'd imagined it, and headed for the nearest bar. "By the time I got back, my Annie was..." He can't bring himself to finish.

Once outside, Dean expresses how awesome it is that someone is out there killing demons. "I feel like we should send them a card, or flowers," he says. "Yeah, but who's killing demons, and why?" Sam wonders. "And since when does a demon possess someone and then go all A Beautiful Mind and start digging in the dirt?" For that matter, why didn't the demon just kill Anne's husband?

In search of an answer, they head to talk to the last person who talked to Anne before she died. This woman is living my nightmare. She's got on her sweats and a head full of comically large curlers when Sam and Dean arrive on her doorstep. She's quite flustered, especially when she glances up at Sam, but invites them both inside instead of screaming, closing the door and yanking all the curlers out of her hair before opening the door again. It can be done in under a minute, by the way. So I've heard. Ahem. They all sit down for coffee and a chat, during which the Winchesters learn that Anne had come to Curly Sue in search of an original map of Missokansanois. "Did she say why?" Sam asks. "Well, no, she didn't, but she did mention an old orchard that had gone missing," says Curly Sue. She explains that the town was destroyed in a flood and the original records lost. "I'm a PhD candidate," she says, blushing quite charmingly and touching her curlers. She proudly shows them the research she's done for her dissertation, including a map that she has painstakingly recreated. Anne died before she could collect the map. "Anne's assistant called this morning, though," says Curly Sue, "asking if I still had the map." Right on cue, a knock comes at the door.

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