Goodbye Stranger

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Raiders of the Lost Storage Shed

Three very polite demons wait for her to answer, rather than just busting through and killing everyone in sight. The politeness ends, though, the moment they see the Winchesters. Three pairs of eyes go black, sending poor Curly Sue into a tizzy of screaming. One demon goes after her while the others take on the Winchesters. Sam defends himself very poorly, which is supposed to be a sign that his trialberculosis is worsening, except Sam has periodically been terrible at hand-to-hand even when healthy. One of the demons grabs the map and flees. Dean sets himself astride the demon he's been assigned, but the critter escapes its vessel before Dean can knife him. Instead of departing in its non-corporeal state, the demon smokes its way into poor Curly Sue. She makes a dash for the kitchen, with Dean hot on her trail. Meanwhile, Sam is getting pounded like a cube steak by the remaining demon. Suddenly, a familiar overcoat appears behind the demon. An instant later, light is exploding out of the demon's various orifices. When the light fades, Sam is shocked to see Castiel standing there. Somehow, Castiel also has hold of Curly Sue by her curlers. Dean shows up to gawk at Castiel for a while, allowing the camera to just soak up that handsome mug until the commercial break dares to intrude.

When we return, Castiel has tucked Curly Sue away in the kitchen and bound her in a devil's trap. Why didn't she smoke out of there while he was making the trap? He's eager to interrogate her, but the brothers have some questions for him. Like? "Like, where the hell have you been?" Sam asks. Castiel doesn't answer. "You heard me, didn't you?" Dean asks. Sam turns to his brother, surprised. "You mean you prayed to him?" Now it's Dean's turn to clam up. Finally, Castiel says, "Yes, I heard you, but that's not why I'm here." Ouch. Sounding a bit bored and annoyed, he explains that he's been hunting demons. Sam realizes that this means Castiel is behind the case they've been working. When he's pressed for more information, Castiel flits away in his mind to visit Naomi. "What should I tell them?" She suggests he tell them most of the truth, in the hopes that the Winchesters can help them. "I've been searching for the other half of the Demon Tablet," Castiel tells the brothers in Curly Sue's living room. "Without us?" Dean asks, his hackles already at half-mast. Castiel is just as offended. "I have been trying to help, Dean." They really, really need to hug it out. Just take a break and hug it out, man.

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