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Raiders of the Lost Storage Shed

Alas, they go on talking. Castiel says that Crowley's demons have been searching for Lucifer's crypts. That such things even exist is news to Dean. Castiel pops back into Naomi's office. "It would be more helpful if they knew everything," he says. "They cannot be trusted," she says. He starts to argue, but she commands him to lie to the Winchesters. Without missing a beat, he rejoins the living room chat and says that the demons are looking for a parchment that would let them translate the tablet without Kevin. "The crypts were lost over time," Castiel says. "Only those closest to Lucifer knew their whereabouts." Sam wonders how Crowley even knew to look for the crypts. To find the answer, Castiel goes to spend a little time with Curly Sue.

This gives the brothers time to talk amongst themselves. "Boy, he puts the 'ass' in 'Cass,'" Dean grumps. "He's definitely off," Sam agrees. "He hasn't been right since Purgatory," Dean says. "We still don't know how he got out of there." Sam wonders why Dean's been praying to Castiel when there's obviously something so wrong about him. Before Dean can answer, Castiel pipes up from the kitchen. "You know, I can hear you both. I am a celestial being." Hee.

Chastened, the brothers join the party in the kitchen. Curly Sue is feeling pretty sassy with a demon inside her. "Oh, the thoughts she had about you two," she says, referring to her meatsuit. "Mostly you, Sam. What can I say? She has a thing for sssmutton chops!" Hee! I'm totally going to come up with a lewd hand-puppet named Smutton Chops. Dean starts to question my new favorite demon, but Castiel quickly takes over the proceedings. He stabs Curly Sue through the back of her hand with his All-Purpose Angel Sword. The Winchesters look on in shocked silence. "Who told you about the crypts?" Castiel asks. "I thought angels were supposed to be the good cops," snits Curly Sue. To show her just how wrong she is, Castiel stabs her in the other hand. She shrieks in pain, then spills the truth. "We have a hostage! She's one of Crowley's pets." She even gives up the hotel where she's being held, instead of bargaining for her own freedom. Oh, new favorite demon. It was nice knowing you. "She saw the crypts back in the day," Curly Sue says. "And she told you about the parchment?" Sam asks. Castiel's face goes, "Oh, shit." Curly Sue's like, "What parchment?" Naomi commands Castiel to kill the demon, and so he does. Sam goes apoplectic over Curly Sue's untimely demise -- not so much because the human meatsuit was killed needlessly, but because there was more information to be gleaned. Castiel flits off in a huff.

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