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Raiders of the Lost Storage Shed

Sam and Dean race to catch up with him in the Impala. Perhaps the hotel was only two blocks away, because Castiel has only just finished dispatching the demons by the time the brothers shoulder their way through the door. "Thanks for waiting," Sam snarks. "The hostage is in there," Castiel says, nodding towards the bathroom door. When Sam and Dean go to investigate, they find Meg tied up in the corner. "Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?" she asks. He's only short when he's standing next to his Wookiee brother, lady.

After they've untied her, they get down to important business. Dean gets the first question: "What's up with the hair?" Everyone looks at him like, "What the hell?" But it's a totally legit question because Meg is sporting some crazy-ass 'do right now. It's like someone made Shakira hair out of hay. "Thanks for noticing, Dean," she says, "but this wasn't my idea." She says Crowley did it to her, which is just another reason she wants him dead. Let's pause for a moment to picture Crowley in his torture apron, pulling on a pair of plastic gloves and mixing up a bowl of peroxide. Sam is confused. "You've been telling Crowley the location of Lucifer's crypts," he says. "What can I say? I needed a break from the constant torture," Meg says. She didn't give them the exact locations, though, in order to buy herself more time. Sam is shocked -- shocked, I tell you -- that Meg would sacrifice innocent lives like that. She reminds them that she's a demon. She should also remind them that the brothers have killed plenty of innocent people rather than exorcise them, but she doesn't. Meg says that Crowley keeps sending more demons. "He's hellbent on--"

Castiel pops upstairs to visit Naomi. "She's going to tell them the truth," he says. "Do I have to kill her?" Naomi thinks it over. "She does know the location of the crypts," she admits. "But working with a demon is... unclean." She wrinkles her nose in distaste. She gives Castiel permission to use Meg to find the crypts.

"--finding that Angel Tablet," Meg finishes saying. The Winchesters are stunned. Castiel looks chagrined. "Did you just say Angel Tablet?" Sam asks. "I see why Crowley calls you Moose now," Meg snarks. She says Crowley found out that Lucifer had the tablet and figured it was in one of his crypts. "Well, this is news to me," Castiel says. "The demons I interrogated must have been lying about their true intentions." He couldn't be doing a worse job of covering his ass if his suit and overcoat were made of cellophane. Dean doesn't believe him for a second, but Meg points out they have more pressing matters to worry about right now. Crowley will send more demons any time now. "We need your help," Castiel tells her. "Any of you dummies have a map?" she asks.

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