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Raiders of the Lost Storage Shed

They take her to dead Anne's basement to show her the model town. She quickly points out the crypt's old location, then leaves the Winchesters to find out what's there now. Castiel joins her upstairs to bandage her bleeding wrists. "These wounds have festered," he observes. Why doesn't he just heal her? "You really do know how to make a girl's nethers quiver, don't you?" she says. "I am aware of how to do that," he says without bragging. She calls him Clarence some more, and they flirt, and it would probably be cuter if she were maybe just a little bit less evil. Then again, Castiel has killed a lot of people himself, people who probably had friends who cared for them just as much as Sam and Dean cared for Jo and Ellen. It's just that... this crew has a personal history with Meg that's pretty awful, and for them to forget it is lazy. But back to the budding flirtation: Meg wonders if Castiel is still crazy, and he assures her he's back to himself. "So, your noodle is in order?" she asks. "My noodle remembers everything," he says. "It's a pretty good noodle." Dirty. They reminisce over their pizza man moment.

Downstairs, Sam has fiddled around on the computer and discovered that the crypt is under an abandoned building. "You think we can trust Megstiel?" Dean asks, glancing up the stairs. "No," Sam says, "but what choice do we have?"

Meg and Castiel's reminiscing has turned to the good ol' days of the pending Apocalypse. Meg says times were simpler then. "I was bad, you were good, and it was all so much easier." She thinks things are messier now. "I'm kind of good, which sucks, and you're kind of bad, which is actually all manner of hot." Cass-bot can't help but smile a little at that. Meg promises to order some pizza from him, should they survive all this, which means they won't. Castiel makes with the sexy eyes. It's nice, I suppose, that he isn't hung up on looks. Not only can he see her true demonic face, but he can also gaze upon that hair and still have pornographic thoughts.

The demon who escaped from the melee at Curly Sue's shows up at the hotel, only to find the dead meatsuits of his former colleagues. He calls Crowley on his cell to make some excuse for this most recent failure, only to find Crowley standing directly behind him. Crowley is so displeased with this latest failure that he takes out his own All-Purpose Angel Sword and skewers his minion with it.

The motley quintet arrives at the Abandoned Building of the Week and bicker about who's going where and who's doing what. "All right, Cass and I will head inside and get our Indiana Jones on," Dean says, "Sam you stay outside with Meg." Sam isn't down with that. "I'm not letting you go in there alone," he says. "He won't be alone," Castiel says. Yeah, Sam, let them have a few minutes together, would you? Sam tries to argue some more, but Dean cuts him off. He says he saw the bloody rag in the trash. The Winchesters start ramping up for one of their pouty bitch-fests as I steel myself for the onslaught of flared nostrils and hurt feelings and accusations. Surprisingly, all these are kept to a minimum. Although Sam tries to make excuses for himself, Dean fairly calmly explains that he knows Sam hasn't been quite right since the first trial. He says it's why he prayed to Castiel. "I'm telling you I'm okay," Sam says. "No, you're not," Castiel tells him. "You're damaged in ways even I can't heal." Dean flinches ever so slightly. Sam seethes, but wisely keeps his mouth shut. When Dean offers him his knife, he takes it.

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