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Raiders of the Lost Storage Shed

While skulking around in the Abandoned Building of the Week, Dean takes the opportunity to quiz Castiel on Sam's trialberculosis. Castiel can't really explain what's going on except to say that it's something to do with Sam's subatomic structure and electromagnetic field. He can't even tell if the process is lethal. They come to a patch in a concrete wall where Castiel feels a draft coming through. He places his hands on the wall and makes intense eyes at it. The wall begins to crack from all the hotness.

Outside, Meg and Sam spray-paint some anti-demon symbols around the exterior of the building. Meg is shocked and appalled to learn that the Winchesters didn't look for her after she helped them fight the Leviathans. Sam should be like, "Lady, if I didn't look for my brother or the Prophet of the Lord, I sure as hell wasn't gonna look for you." Instead, he just sort of shrugs with his face. Meg changes the topic of conversation to the trials and his damage and whatnot, but Sam doesn't want to talk about that, either. "No offense, Meg, but you haven't exactly been the most trustworthy person in our lives." That's putting it rather mildly. She reminds him that she spent time possessing him. "Deep down, in the parts you never let see the light of day, you want to live a long, normal life away from creepy old things like me." I'm sorry, but saying Sam keeps his desire for a normal life hidden is like saying Joan Rivers keeps her plastic surgery a secret. It's pretty much all out there, plain as the nose that used to be on her face. Because Sam keeps his mundane dreams so deep down inside, he starts babbling to a demon about how he spent a year with someone and now he knows it's possible to grow old with somebody else's wife. Meg teases him about falling for some chick who managed to pull him away from hunting. "That must be some rare creature," she says. "Tell me -- how'd you meet this unicorn?"

Thankfully, we are spared another iteration of the Amelia story, and instead we rejoin Dean and Castiel in the Abandoned Building of the Week. Castiel has fondled his way through the wall and into Lucifer's crypt. How did nobody find this during the construction of the building? I mean, it's just right there behind an ordinary wall. It's not even booby-trapped. Sigh. While Dean pokes around the crypt, Castiel drops in on Naomi. "I found it," he says. Hilariously, Naomi is going over paperwork at her desk. What kind of paperwork do angels have to do? She drops everything. "Tell the Winchester the crypt is empty," she says. "It's warded against angels," Castiel says, because is Lucifer not an angel? "What should I do?" he asks. "Handle it," she tells him.

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