Goodbye Stranger

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Raiders of the Lost Storage Shed

Back in the crypt, he points out a small chest. "It's the only thing in here warded against angels." Dean picks up a random dagger and pries open the chest with little difficulty. Lucifer wasn't super big on security, apparently. Inside rests a nondescript lump of stone. "Hand it to me," Castiel says, "and I'll take it to Heaven." Is there any reason he couldn't just put the whammy on Dean and take the tablet now that it's out of the warded chest? He could just point over Dean's shoulder and be like, "Hey, is that a Voluptuous Asian Lovely I see?" and then grab the tablet when Dean inevitably turned for a look. Anyway, Dean is suspicious because Castiel is sort of blatantly drooling over the tablet. Dean thinks they should take it to Kevin.

Naomi pops into Castiel's mind. "If the demons get their hands on the tablet, they'll kill us all," she says. "They'll destroy Heaven!" Castiel frets. He thinks he can still reason with Dean, but Naomi is past all that. "Kill him," she says. Or just maybe tickle him till he drops the tablet. That'd work, too, right?

In the crypt, Castiel and Dean circle around each other. Dean offers to take the tablet to Kevin himself. "I can't let you take that," Castiel says. They stare intensely at each other for a while. All pretense of normalcy is gone. "How'd you get out of Purgatory, Cass?" Dean asks.

Castiel consults with Naomi. "There has to be another way," he says. "You have done this a thousand times," she says. "You're ready. Kill him. Then take the tablet and bring it home where it belongs." Castiel looks like the saddest angel that ever was.

"Just be honest with me," Dean says, "for the first time since you've been back, and this is yours." Cass-bot flicks the All-Purpose Angel Sword from his sleeve and into his hand.

This scene of tense confrontation is interrupted by Sam and Meg's heart to heart. Having heard the entire Amelia story blessedly off-screen, Meg finds herself a bit puzzled. "There's still one part I don't understand," she says. "You hit a dog and stopped... why?" Sam gapes at her. "That whole story and that's your take-away?" He should be glad she didn't fall into a coma through most of it. Meg sums up the story like thus: "You fell in love with a unicorn and it was beautiful, then sad, then sadder... I laughed, I cried, I puked in my mouth a little." Hee. Don't you go making me liking you now, Meg! Don't you do it! She drops the snark for a moment. "And honestly, I kinda get it," she says. Sam is surprised to hear her say it, but the imminent arrival of other demons puts a damper on the rest of their chat.

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