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A Steaming Pile of Cacao
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THEN! Sam gave up hunting so that he could shack up with a rude lady vet named Amelia. The Winchesters met a Professor Morrison who helped them out on that Amazon warrior gig from last season. Kevin Tran, God's Littlest Prophet, disappeared after they lost the Word of God tablet to Crowley. Dean enjoyed stabbing monsters. Like, a lot. I have no idea why they even bother showing these, because they cover all the same stuff in excruciating exposition later.

NOW! Minneapolis, Minnesota. Night. The episode gets off to a promising start as the camera swoops down over a jogging trail and focuses on a lone jogger. He's young, trim and quite obviously doomed. Nothing good ever happens to people who go jogging alone on a TV show. He hears rapid footsteps behind him, glances over his shoulder and looks surprised to see a pudgy, middle-aged runner gaining on him. For a few moments, they run side by side, with the pudgy runner flashing triumphant smiles. If they were in cars, they would be gunning their engines, daring each other to a race. The pudgy runner leaves the thinner guy in his dust. When he finally catches up to the pudgy runner, he graciously admits defeat. "Congratulations! You're fast." Huffing and puffing, he extends his hand. "I do a lot of cardio," says his triumphant opponent, not even breathing hard after his run. He pulls back his arm as if he's going to punch the thin jogger, but no! He plunges his hand into the thin jogger's chest and rips out his heart. As he crumples to the ground, the thin jogger's last thought is of all the carbs he denied himself. The title card flames onto the screen.

Dean and Sam stroll around a farmers' market somewhere sunny and green... or at least sunnier and greener than the places they usually find themselves. Sam chows down on organic apples and buys a bag of tomatoes while Dean checks the news on his phone. Apparently there's a lot to catch up on: "Wow, a guy goes to Purgatory for a year and all hell breaks loose." Yeah, how do you like them apples, Sam. Dean is nearly giddy to learn of the heartless jogger in Minneapolis, and even more so when he pulls up another article from six months earlier detailing a similar incident, also in Minneapolis. "I mean, that's gotta be a ritual," Dean says, "or at least some sort of heart-sucking, possessed, satanic, crack whore bat." Sam hears this word salad coming out of Dean and frowns. "What?" Dean pushes through to the important stuff, namely that it's a case and he thinks they should get back to their regular work. Sam just wants to concentrate on finding Kevin and the demon tablet. It's like back in the early days when he wanted to concentrate on finding the demon that killed Jess and Dean had to convince him they could do both. Dean points out that they don't have any leads on the Kevin front. He's been so engrossed in his reading that he hasn't noticed until now that they're at the farmers' market. He looks around like it's the strangest place he's ever seen, and that's something for a guy who's been to Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. He gives Sam an accusatory look. "What? I had a year off," Sam says in his defense. "I took the time to enjoy the good things." Dean glares at him. "While avoiding doing what we actually do?" Apparently they've had some version of this conversation even more than we've been privy to, because Sam's already tired of it and makes a series of pissy faces while Dean talks. "We'll find Kevin," Dean says, "but in the meantime, do we ignore stuff like this or are innocent people supposed to die so you can shop for produce?" Sam looks like that last bite of apple suddenly turned bitter.

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