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The Hardy Boys' Sympathy For The Devil, Part II
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There's no sense denying it. I love you. I love Dean, Sam and Metallicar; Bobby, Castiel, that nasty curmudgeon Uriel, and...I even like Ruby now, and will admit it right here in black and white. Show, I really thought we had something between us. You've been so good to me while Demian's been recovering from Lollipop Disease. And I think I've been pretty good to you, too. I mean I've given you three A grades; two A- grades; a B+; a B; and a B-. I even admitted my pity right here on Television Without.... So my point, and I do have one is...

Why'd you have to go and do... this? Why would you? How could you? I'll admit it -- during these idyllic weeks, sure there were times I fantasized about getting an episode worthy of the full TWoP treatment, but I never wanted... this. It's not like you're Baywatch Nights. I want you to thrive. I want you to succeed. I root for you, not for your demise.

And Demian's readers, who have been so patient with and encouraging of me -- they love you, too. You're not Charmed or Seventh Heaven, to them. They don't read TWoP's Supernatural recaps as if they were salivating for another sound beat-down of a show that should have gone off the air years prior. They read our recaps because they can't get enough of this story and these characters. Now don't misunderstand me -- they love some pitiless mockery as well as any other TWoP reader -- but they want it to come from a place of love -- much like the mockery between the Brothers Winchester, themselves. Your fans are always in your corner, hoping you'll never deserve a sound thrashing, but...

This time? You do. And yet, I've flat-out deleted my first umpteenth attempts to recap this episode, because I take no joy in this. There's so much more to say, but perhaps the best way to say it, is in the format with which we're all familiar. So, and without further ado, please know this hurts me, more than it will hurt you. (Oh my word, you're making me stress-rhyme, you turd.)

THEN! It's quite a fierce and terrible site, as Brunette Lilith's eyes go all milky white. Blonde Lilith the Second gives Deano a hug, back when this recapper felt oh so smug. Angel-Radio Anna tells all to her shrink, which *so* will not help her get out of the clink. It seems that Lilith is breaking seals hither and yon -- to free Lucifer, who's bored in Hell without John. Anna knocks out an orderly via telekinesis, then escapes the nuthatch, before she inspires a thesis. Ruby tells Dean and Sam about the demons and Anna. The boys meet Show Barnes, whose sass sustains us like manna. She invokes Castiel -- a terrible mistake. For one unbidden look is all it does take. When she won't be warned off, he blinds her with séance. A punishment too harsh for her lack of obeisance. Angel-Radio Anna recounts Dean's recent sad story, 'though he's all too familiar with that tale oh so sorry. We meet a specialist angel -- he's called Uriel. He comes straight from Heaven, but is meaner than Hell. Alastair greets his long lost pal, Dean. Perhaps it's time for our boy to come clean. Anna warns, "They're coming," as some force does advance. Our Winchesters assume a warrior's stance. With Ruby they're ready to face down all Hell, but are met by dear Cas and that crank, Uriel. Sam asks for their help, 'cause he's that kind of guy, but Castiel informs him that Anna must die.

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