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The Hardy Boys' Sympathy For The Devil, Part II

Dean doesn't move. "Or what?"

She comes back to the present and looks straight at Dean. "'Or we hurl him back to damnation'."

Dean's terrified -- stunned into silence. Sam asks if there's any weapon that works on an angel. Dean cocks his head and narrows his eyes in his brother's direction. Anna says, "To what? To kill them?" Sam nods uneasily, but the look in his eyes is one of steely resolve. Anna says, "Nothing we could get to -- not right now." Dean stops this line of discussion and suggests they call Bobby and get him back home. Sam wonders what he can tell them that they don't already know. Dean doesn't know, so he states the obvious -- that they have to think of something. Gee, ya think?

Outside in the salvage yard, Dean does some research by a bug light, or something. Kripke's not paying attention to detail so why should I? Anna approaches and they make small talk. She then thanks him for everything they've done to help her. Dean says, "Let's can the 'Thanks for trying' speech. Participation trophies suck ass," which is why I'm being so hard on you, Eric. You can do better and we both know it -- this stunning season is my witness.

Anna says maybe she doesn't deserve to be saved. "I disobeyed. Lucifer disobeyed. It's our Murder One, and I knew it. Maybe I've got to pay." Personally, I don't think their falls are comparable. Unless/until the writers manage to work it into canon that God himself has ordered Anna's punishment (capital or otherwise), I'm reading this story as if Castiel and Uriel have some autonomy on how they handle issues, and Anna's making some pessimistic assumptions. I mean, this is the same God who ordered Dean Winchester's rescue from Hell, right? This is the same God who told the angels to follow Dean's orders regarding Sam-Hain-town. I'm crediting that God with some semblance of mercy, unless or until it's proven otherwise.

Dean shrugs off Anna's self-criticism by noting we've all done things for which we have to pay (except for the guys running AIG). Anna comes closer to him, and sits before him, so we can get the rest of the tiny sliver of connection Kripke will allow us. She tells him she knows from listening to W-A-N-G what he did in Hell. Dean's eyes grow moist, and he looks heavenward, as if to stop the tears. Anna reaches out to touch his face, just when he expects her to recoil. He flinches, but her touch is soft. She looks him straight in the eyes. "It wasn't your fault. You should forgive yourself."

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