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The Hardy Boys' Sympathy For The Devil, Part II

He looks down. The words come hard for him. "Anna, I don't w-w-wanna...uh...I don't...wanna..." His voice drops to a whisper. "I can't talk about that." Anna understands, but reminds him that once he can -- he has people who want to help and that he's not alone. As Dean considers her words, she stands before him, rises to her tip toes, and kisses him. Dean is surprised. "What was that for?" Anna mutters about it being their last night on earth, and looks at him expectantly. Effortlessly, Dean slides his mask back into place. "You're stealing my best line."

And now they really do hit Baby's backseat as quickly as you can cue up Bad Company's "Feel Like Making Love." And it's still either because...there are no less obvious sexually charged songs from the Winchester's definitive Mullet Rock collection, or Kripke plucked a badfic author from obscurity, and allowed -- nay -- forced her to write this teleplay under his name.

You're going to make me recap the sex, aren't you? Okay, well, it's pretty, it's just dumb, because it is shot as if two people who are deeply in love are coming together for the first time, but because of Anna and Dean's scant connection -- unknowable father syndrome -- it just leaves me feeling cold. Did it seem empty to you, too? Here we go. Bad Company. La la la. Walking down this rocky road.. Dean leans over Anna and kisses her. He lifts his upper body and removes the amulet Sam gave to him when they were kids, and if this were a better episode, I'd wonder at the significance, but it is what it is, so I suspect it just kept hitting the poor actress in the face, or something.

As he does this, Anna unbuttons her blouse, so Dean removes his T-shirt, and moves back down to continue their kiss. Ah, and there's a shot of Ackles' bare, moonlit back, which kept me from giving this episode an F. He's not quite as cut as Padalecki, but he's every bit as beautiful. He removes Anna's pants and in a surprising bit of continuity, we see a bandage on her arm, covering the self-inflicted wound upon herself while performing the blood spell. People in the forums have complained that Anna wears her bra during the sex scene, but Sam and I tell them they're confusing porn with the CW, although we admit that's an understandable mistake. Suddenly, Anna's on top. Okay. Whatever. The back window is all fogged up -- which is a fortunate side-effect I suppose, if you have to have sex in a car. There's some pretty filmmaking, here. Dean's knuckles are still raw from fighting. And in the most emotionally resonant moment in the entire scene, Anna places her hand upon Castiel's handprint which may brand Dean's arm for the rest of his second life. Things are getting hot and heavy enough now that Baby must have kicked the cameraman out. Perhaps that's why he makes like he's James Cameron, and forces us to endure an exterior shot of Anna's hand clearing a swath from the fogged up rear windshield, as if she's Rose to Dean's Jack. Kripke, are you sure this is the episode in which you ought to be calling to mind one of the great man-made disasters of the past century? I'm just sayin'...

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