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The Hardy Boys' Sympathy For The Devil, Part II

Inside um...Casa Ramshackle? The cellar of Bobby's Victorian Mansion? A random barn? Who knows or cares? Anyhow, inside some rustic place, Ruby, with -- oh there's no other way to put this -- with love in her eyes -- watches Sam as he sleeps with his head on an open book. He's illuminated only by the light of his lantern. Outside, she takes one of her hex bags, sets it afire, and lets it drop to the ground. Alastair appears behind her and says hello, and I'm excited for a fleeting moment, until I hear the atrocious Brando accent he's adopted for this episode. I do not remember that from part one. Sure he was a bit fey and chewed some scenery, but he was enjoyable. Now listening to him makes me want to get drunk on Chianti and stuff myself with too much Manicotti -- with the TV set to "mute." Gahhhhhhhhhhh. He reminds her he has her knife, but she tells him to keep it, probably because it's no longer The Knife that Can Kill Anything (And Actually Does). She tries to cut a deal with him -- she'll give him Anna, in exchange for freedom for her, Sam and Dean. Alastair throws some verbal misogyny at her, is highly prized by demonkind? This is such a mess. If you're still reading and you liked this episode, I'm so sorry. I hope I'm managing to entertain you in some way. If you're reading and you hated this episode, I'm right there with you, and am still very, very sorry -- for all of us, and for our show, which has been having such an awesome season.

Alastair pretends to listen to Ruby's bargain until two of his minions pop up behind her and take her by surprise. He says, "Let me make you a counter offer," and I'm wondering why he and/or Kripke didn't go whole hog and have him say he was going to make her an offer she can't refuse. Hang a lantern on it, I say. There's one right by Sammy's head. Alastair runs the very tip of Ruby's knife down her soft cheek and we're...

Back in that barn, or wherever. Dean enters to be welcomed by Uriel's cheery greeting. "Look at that. It's so cute when monkeys wear clothes." Hee. Dean is pretty sure he's dreaming and Uriel confirms that's the only way they could chat since they're, "Hiding like cowards." Dean makes a crack about seeing Uriel off leash and wonders where his boss is. Uriel looks up and smiles. "Castiel? Oh he's uh...he's not here. You see, he has this weakness. He likes you." WHICH MAY I POINT OUT IS A FEELING -- FELT BY AN ANGEL, I'M JUST SAYING, SHOW! Blah blah blah. Glare glare glare. Time's up. The angels want the girl. Dean bluffs that she has her grace back, now. Like a Batman villain, Uriel reveals he wears Anna's grace in a vial around his neck. Oh Kripke, you should have given the poor badfic writer credit, or perhaps -- she requested to remain anonymous. Blah blah blah. Give her back her grace. Blah blah blah. She committed a serious crime. Blah blah blah. Dean likes being a pain in the pooper. Blah blah blah, Uriel...okay wait, this line is good. I'll give it a fresh paragraph.

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