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The Hardy Boys' Sympathy For The Devil, Part II

Sam tries to remain composed. And though it breaks, his voice is quiet. "Dean. Dean, look, you held out for 30 years. That's longer than anyone would have."

The camera closes in on Dean's tear streaked face, as he tries to choke down his sobs. All sniping of mine aside, this last scene is a work of art -- thanks to all involved -- and is far too good for the rest of this episode. The tears keep flowing. Dean sniffles and wipes his eyes. "How I feel...this...inside me -- I wish I couldn't feel anything, Sammy. I wish I couldn't feel a damned thing." Sam looks down. What can he say? What can he do? Dean weeps on, as we fade to black.

Supernatural will be back with all new episodes beginning January 15, 2009, and Demian and Raoul will be back then, too.

Cindy McLennan would like to thank Demian for giving her this chance to cover for him during his Lollipop Disease recuperation period. It was generous and gracious and she has loved every bit of it. She also thanks Dan Manu, Angel Cohn, and the TWoP editors for all their help and support. She thanks the fans too, for their lovely emails and encouragement. She regularly weecaps How I Met Your Mother, and you can reach her at CynthiaMcLennan[at] Happy Holidays and happy hiatus, everyone.

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