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The Hardy Boys' Sympathy For The Devil, Part II

NOW! We pick up where we left off after last week's actual episode of Supernatural. The angels want to kill young Angel-Radio Anna and the demons want to save her, which oddly enough makes more sense than most of this plot. Sam and Dean plead for her life, but the angels will cede no ground. When Dean tells them they're heartless sons of bitches, Castiel says, "As a matter of fact, we are. And?" Sammy, for one, is not going to let Castiel treat a conjunction like an entire sentence. He's a Stanford boy, after all. When he argues that Anna is an innocent girl, Castiel says, "She's a maaaaaaaaaaaan, baybee!" or possibly, "She is far from innocent."

Uriel explains to Sam that this means, "She's worse than this abomination you've been screwing," and a cheer goes up from that segment of the fandom who will not tolerate the boys getting any trim. Those fans who like the sex, but hate the sex-ee, join the rally, while me and mine wonder if anyone else made it all the way through Buffy the Vampire Slayer's season six (or two, for that matter). Uriel has had enough (like always). He says, "Give us the girl."

Dean replies, "Sorry. Get yourselves another one. Try JDate," which I can only parse as the Jewish Dating Service of the same name (and Google seems to agree), which pleases me to no end.

Uriel says, "Who's going to stop us -- you two, or this demon whore?" He then sends Ruby flying across Casa Ramshackle and into a window, which shatters upon impact. Uriel picks her up and throttles her, and looks like he's about to exorcise her with his own Pimp Hand of Ipecac. Dean attacks him from behind (no, don't go there), so Uriel turns his attention to Dean, and administers the beating he's been dying to deliver. Castiel advances on Sammy, who begs him to stop. Without even acknowledging him, Castiel knocks Sam out with two fingers to the forehead, er... so why didn't he do that to both boys in the first place, then simply take Anna and go? This makes no sense, Show. As Castiel approaches Anna's hiding place, he and Uriel light up like they're getting the Lilith treatment, and seem to get sucked up and out -- right through the roof and wall (respectively) of Casa Ramshackle. Dean catches his breath, rights himself with some obvious pain and helps up Ruby, who has been looking worriedly at Sam's unconscious form. If you listen, you can hear some of the people in the forum scream in agony.

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