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The Hardy Boys' Sympathy For The Devil, Part II

Sam comes to, and Ruby kneels to minister to him (not like that) as Dean goes to check on Anna. He opens the bathroom door to find her leaning on the blood-soaked vanity. On the mirror she has painted mystical symbols in blood -- her own. She's bleeding from the wrists and seems to be struggling to stay conscious. Dean asks if she killed the angels. She says she only sent them away, as Sam and Ruby enter behind Dean. Dean asks how she did it. I'm going to go out on a limb, Deano, and guess she used a blood spell. Anna regards her finger-painting on the mirror and says she doesn't know how she did it; she just did it. And again I say blood spell. I'm just sayin'... The title card flaps its way across the screen on bat-like angel wings, and I'm three minutes closer to the end of this. (Only three? sob).

Dean and Sam discuss their pickle (STOP IT! -- I mean the pickle they're in). Sam thinks Anna is getting more interesting by the second. So Sam, you're saying she stands in stark contrast to this episode, overall? The boys agree the angels' interest in taking her out is probably bigger than the Angel-Radio thing. Dean tells Sam to figure out what's going on with her. When Sam asks what he's going to do, Dean replies, "Anna may have sent the angels to the outfield..." Don't think you can cute your way out of this mess, Dean. "But sooner or later they're going to be back. We've got to get ourselves safe, now."

Daytime at Bobby's Auto Salvage Yard and Victorian Mansion that has too many rooms to count, but none suitable to serve as a guest room: The camera pans down from the panic room's Devil's Trap/ventilation system to Bobby's Bo Derek poster, as Dean tells Anna, "Iron walls drenched in salt." Yeah, I know. "Demons can't even touch the joint."

Ruby says, "Which I find racist, by the way." Heh. Dean tells her to write her Congressman, but Ruby ignores that and tosses him hex bags. And if she can do that, how is this safe room of any use. I mean, generally speaking, what's to prevent a demon from -- oh say -- throwing a grenade (or something else that will breach the walls or kill the occupants) down the ventilation system. Ruby tells Dean those hex bags are "Extra crunchy. They'll hide us from angels, demons -- all comers."

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