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The Hardy Boys' Sympathy For The Devil, Part II

Dean says, "Thanks Ruby." She strokes out from the shock of it all, and dies (I shouldn't tease the Ruby haters like that), or possibly, she smiles at him with her eyes until he can no longer hold her gaze. He gives a hex bag to Anna and asks her what's playing on W-A-N-G. She reports radio silence, which any parent can tell you is far more chilling than chatter. She asks Dean if they're scared. He and Ruby share a solemn look, then with a charming smile, he lies like the LYING LIAR WHO LIES that he is, and tells Anna, "Nah." Just then, Sam summons Dean from upstairs. On his way to heeding his brother's call, Dean tells Ruby to keep an eye on Anna. Mind you, Anna is ensconced in the panic room Ruby can't enter -- the very same panic room Ruby just noted she cannot enter -- so let's hope she screams for help good and loud, because that's about all she'll be able to do, should Anna require assistance of some kind. Oh, and then Dean leaves the panic room door open, which seems to weaken its concept, somehow. I mean, why does it need walls and a roof, then? Bobby could have saved a lot of time and effort just laying an iron circle on the floor, if you're going to leave it wide open anyhow, Show.

Upstairs, Dean's first words to Sam are, "How's the car?" which is darling, but only serves to remind me I'm watching Supernatural, when I've been trying to pretend I'm watching some Sci-Fi channel pilot that never made it past development.

Sam says, "I've got her. She's fine. Where's Bobby?"

Also darling.

Dean says, "Uh...the Domincan. He says we break anything -- we buy it." Hee. Bobby's so smart that he fled the country in order to avoid this stink bomb. Sam asks if he's working a job. Dean says, "God I hope so, otherwise he's at Hedonism in a banana hammock and a trucker cap." Okay, Dean, that was funny, but hello to the mental imagery. Make it stop. Make it stop.

Sam winces along with me. "Now that's seared in my brain." I know, honey. Mine, too, and the only image that can replace it for even a moment is a similar image of the Scrubs' character, The Todd -- also wearing a banana hammock. His body is better, but the image is no more pleasing to me. I might have to take a brief break and look at your lovely shoulders, just the palate.

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