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The Hardy Boys' Sympathy For The Devil, Part II

Five hours later... I feel so refreshed. Sam tells Dean he found a report indicating Anna has a psychiatric history dating back to her toddlerhood. When she was two and a half years old, she'd get hysterical when her father was around. She was convinced he wasn't her real father. Dean says, "Who was -- the plumber, hmm? A little...snake in the pipes?"

Sam says, "Dude, you're confusing reality with porn, again." Nice one, Sammy. Dean can't argue that. Sam adds that Anna didn't say who her real father allegedly was. "She just kept repeating that this real father of hers was mad -- very mad -- like wanted-to-kill-her mad." Sam says she got treatment, got better and "grew up normal."

Dean says, "'Til now. So what's she hiding?"

Anna doesn't give Sam a chance to answer. "Why don't you just ask me to my face."

Dean turns to Ruby. "Nice job watching her."

Ruby's exasperated, and I can't blame her. "I'm watching her."

Ever the diplomat, Sam acknowledges Anna's point and asks if there's anything she wants to tell them -- like why the angels would indicate she was guilty of something. Anna would give anything to know -- her life is in shambles; her parents are dead. Sam says, "Okay, then let's find out."

Anna is game but skeptical. "How?"

It's still daytime, as Metallicar enters through the outer gates of Bobby's Auto Salvage Yard and Victorian Mansion that has too many rooms to count, but none suitable to serve as a guest room. Dean gingerly leads a blind, but still sassy Show Barnes down the cellar steps, to the panic room. Sam greets her, "Pamela!"

Show Barnes reaches out to him. "Sam?"

He approaches. "It's me, Sam."

"Sam, is that you?" She reaches out to read his features by touch. Her fingers gently slide down and off his face, as she's asks, "Know how I can tell?" Sam smiles, and we hear a loud smack. "That perky little ass of yours! You could bounce a nickel off that thing." Although she and Dean both smirk, I can't help but imagine Show Barnes telling him, "And that's the actual wording of that expression, dumbass; get it right next time." And yes, I acknowledge the fact that Dean's bungling of that line has been bothering me for thirteen months says way more about me than it does about Show. I wonder if Dean got the same welcome when he went to get Pamela. For her sake, I hope he did. I think I'm devoting so much time to this scene because it's one of the few I enjoyed, but I'll try not to dwell too long. Barnes tells Sam, "Of course I know it's you, grumpy, the same way I know that's a demon." She nods towards Ruby. "And that poor girl's Anna." She nods in Anna's direction, then turns back towards Sam. "And that you've been eyeing my rack." On my first watch-through, I only noticed Sam's embarrassment, but on subsequent viewings, I noticed how great Genevieve is in the back ground. She looks down and away, then straightens up, tilts her head, then stares straight at Pamela throughout this flirtatious exchange, but it's quite subtle. She never tries to hog the spotlight. Good job, Gen. Anyhow, Sam sputters at Barnes' observation. She tells him not to sweat it. "I've still got more senses than most." I'm pretty sure Dean would like to keep her around almost as much as I would.

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