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The Hardy Boys' Sympathy For The Devil, Part II

She then introduces herself to Anna and says she's glad to help. In the background, Ruby crosses her arms in a defensive posture, just as Anna uncrosses hers. Anna says it's nice of her to help, but Show Barnes says, "Not really. Any chance I get to dick over an angel? I'm taking it." Anna wants to know why, so Show Barnes lifts her sunglasses to reveal Lilith-like opalescent eyes. Anna struggles not to recoil. Pamela says, "Demon-y, I know, but they're just plastic. It's good for business. Makes me look extra psychic, don't you think?" And where would one get those, exactly?

In the panic room, Show Barnes hypnotizes Anna, because that's psychic, right? She starts by asking Anna how she could hear the angels and how she worked the blood spell. Although hypnotized, Anna doesn't know. Show Barnes alters her approach and asks Anna her father's name. Anna says it's Rich Milton, so Pamela has her look back to her childhood. Anna resists. Barnes persists with questions about Anna'a real dad and why he might be angry. Anna's breath quickens. She's distressed to the point of torment. She arches her back and screams, "No! He's going to kill me!" The door the panic room slams shut in Ruby's face. The lights flicker, then shatter in a shower of sparks. Show Barnes can't calm her down. Dean goes to Anna, but she throws him across the room with one arm. Finally, Show Barnes brings her to. She rubs Anna's forehead and calls her name, asking if she's all right. Anna sits up and says, "Thank you, Pamela. That helped a lot. I remember, now."

Sam says, "Remember what?"

Anna says, "Who I am."

Dean is stumped. "I'll bite. Who are you?"

Anna says, "I'm an angel." Show Barnes' face turns to stone. Upstairs, Anna tells everyone not to be afraid -- she's not like the others.

Ruby says, "I don't find that very reassuring." Neither does Show Barnes.

Anna explains that she was Castiel and Uriel's boss (after Dean allows some latent sexism to lead him to conclude the opposite). She's sure she has a death sentence on her head, because she chose to fall to earth. The painful experience is one Anna equates with cutting out one's own kidney with a butter knife. So it's like this episode, then? She chose to rip out her grace -- which she explains is energy -- and yet she can rip it out. What? "Hacked it out, and fell. My mother Amy couldn't get pregnant. Always called me her little miracle. She had no idea how right she was." I imagine that was especially true when (a) you started screaming to anyone who would listen that Rich Milton was not your real dad, and (b) when you started flipping out about Lilith, 66 seals, the apocalypse, and freeing Lucifer, and (c) when she and Rich were killed by a demon who was hunting you down. Anyhow, Anna explains that the longer she was human, the more she forgot about her heavenly origins.

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