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The Hardy Boys' Sympathy For The Devil, Part II

Whatever it is, he's not willing, so Ruby cautions him to pray that, "Anna gets her groove back, or we're all dead."

Anna stands in the starlit salvage yard, alone. That's right. This girl who wasn't allowed to remain in the panic room without a guard is now outside. Alone. At night. That's how little care Kripke is paying to the continuity in his own episode. Dean returns from dropping off Show Barnes and conveys her excuses to Anna, but come on, we know the score. Girlfriend's psychic and she has no intention of getting the stank of the rest of this episode all over her, 'cause she's smart like that, and besides, her sense of smell is now heightened, with the blindness and all. Dean asks Anna why the angels want him -- why they saved him. She doesn't know. The angels haven't talked about it, and it happened long after she fell. This leads Dean to ask why she would choose to fall -- why she'd want to be a human. She offers up concepts like loyalty, forgiveness, love. Dean counters with pain. Anna says, "Chocolate cake."

Dean says, "Guilt."

Anna says, "Sex."

Dean says, "Sure," and they hit Baby's backseat as quickly as you can cue up Bad Company's "Feel Like Making Love," either because...there are no less obvious but still sexually charged songs from the Winchester's definitive Mullet Rock collection, or because Kripke plucked a badfic author from obscurity, and allowed her to assume his name.

Let me back up. I jumped way ahead, in my effort to get through this as quickly as possible, but in doing so, I missed the one morsel of connection between Dean and Anna that Show bothered to wave under our noses. Anna explains to Dean that she chose to fall because she wanted to experience emotion -- even the bad stuff. That she'd need to leave angelhood behind to do so makes not one lick of sense. Granted, Castiel is clearly alien and ethereal, but Uriel has no problem feeling and expressing emotion, and Anna's desire to feel can be nothing other than a feeling -- or two: dissatisfaction and longing. Dean thinks feelings are overrated and can't understand why Anna thinks being human is better than being an angel. "You guys are powerful and perfect. You don't doubt yourselves, or God, or anything." Oh, Dean, save your pretty man-pain for an episode worthy of it.

Anna compares angelhood to being a marble statue. "Cold. No choice. Only obedience." I call b.s., Anna. You had a choice. Had you not -- had you not been able to exercise free will -- you wouldn't have been able to cut out (blergh) your grace kidney. You didn't obey; you rebelled. Tsk. She's not listening to me; she just keeps talking to Dean (not that I blame her, there). "Dean, do you know how many angels have actually seen God -- seen his face? Four angels. Four. I'm not one of them." She says the rest of them have to take it on faith that there is a God, and they're killed if they don't have that faith." And? Here comes our morsel. "I was stationed on earth two-thousand years. Just watching. Silent, invisible, out on the road, sick for home -- waiting on orders from an unknowable father I can't begin to understand, so don't tell me that..." her voice trails off as Dean laughs. "What is so funny?"

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