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The Hardy Boys' Sympathy For The Devil, Part II

Dean rubs his face and tries to settle down. "Nothing, sorry, it's just...I can relate." They consider one another for a moment, and just as Dean raises his eyebrows in a how you doin' sort of way, they're interrupted by Sam. I bet as an angel, Anna didn't have a younger sibling totally cramping her style. Oh wait, I forgot about Castiel.

Inside, Sam tells the gang about a miracle in Union, Kentucky. In '85, there was an empty field outside town, and within the space of six months, a full grown oak sprang up overnight, and it appeared to be a century old. Anna thinks this has to potential to be where her grace kidney landed. Dean says, "So grace Ground Zero? It's not destruction; it's..."

Anna finishes for him, "Pure creation."

Or piss. Which comes from kidneys, and can be cut out with butter knives.

We get a shot of Metallicar driving down a beautifully wet road. Inside her, Dean drives; Sam rides shotgun; and Ruby and Anna share the backseat. Dean chuckles about a demon and an angel sharing that backseat, comparing it to the set up to a bad joke, or a Penthouse forum letter. Sam says, "Dude. Reality. Porn." Dean scoffs at any of this being reality. If this is porn, I don't want to see the rest of it, thanks. Baby's motor hums as if she too is trying to get through this as quickly as possible. I suspect she doesn't care for either of her new passengers, who probably haven't taken the time to learn the rules.

Daytime in Union, Kentucky: Sunbeams stream through Anna's Grace Kidney Tree which Dean declares beautiful. Anna can tell it's where her grace kidney touched down. She's not anxious to take it back, but she knows she has to. Sam asks her what they're looking for. Anna stretches out her hand to touch the tree trunk, and her face falls. "It doesn't matter. It's not here; not any more. Someone took it."

At Casa Ramshackle, or perhaps a barn, when Dean suggests they head back to the panic room, Ruby bickers with him about how futile that is, and I get this guilty feeling in the pit of my stomach, because I think Ruby and Dean have more chemistry than Ruby and Sam, and I might as well go the full nine yards and admit I think Sam and Anna have had more chemistry throughout these last two episodes than Dean and Anna. There. Now I feel better. Sam intervenes in their argument, so Ruby points out what he and Dean seem to refuse to accept -- that Anna can't help them, and they can't fight Heaven and Hell both. Anna interrupts. "Guys. The angels are talking again." She looks as far away as she did in the hospital. "It's weird, like a recording -- a loop. It says, 'Dean Winchester gives us Anna by midnight or...'"

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