Heaven Can’t Wait

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Separate Storylines for the Hardy Boys
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THEN! An evangelist named Buddy Boyle became a viral sensation, spreading the word about angels to his inexplicably devoted followers. This proved useful to the angels, since, as Sam reminds us, they can't possess someone without permission, and Boyle got folks all get up to permit. Once upon a time, Crowley was the King of Hell, but then the Winchesters captured him. This left something of a power vacuum in Hell, which a fabulous demon named Abaddon aimed to remedy. Meanwhile, Sam injected Crowley with his blood in the hopes of "curing" him, in that plot from last season that kind of just fizzled out. Then the Winchesters locked him up in their torture dungeon, where they could visit him every other episode. So, Crowley is sort of their roommate now, but Castiel was made to hit the road before he could get two bites into his first burrito. You see, Ezekiel (the angel possessing Sam with "permission") refused to stick around as long as Castiel was there. It was all pretty hinky, but Dean dared not argue the matter, lest Darling Sammy drop like big sack of dead meat.

NOW! We begin in Rexford, Idaho, on a foggy night. On a trash-strewn lot sits a dilapidated shack, with dim, orange light bleeding from its mismatched windows. Inside, the situation doesn't look much better. A man in a grungy T-shirt paces around his depressing hovel while a woman's voice reaches out to him from an old rotary phone some feet away. "Sir, can you hear me?" she asks. "Please just say something." She pleads with him to let her help. "You called the hotline for a reason. There's some part of you that still wants to live." He trudges over the phone and puts the receiver back into the cradle. He reaches into a drawer and pulls out a revolver. He cocks the hammer and holds the gun to his temple, taking deep, shaky breaths. At the last moment, he catches sight of a photograph showing a woman holding a baby. He breaks down crying and lowers the gun.

A floorboard creaks behind him. He turns to see a young man in the shadows. "Did the lady from the hotline send you?" he asks. "No," says the young man, "you did. A crucifix gleams in his earlobe. He raises his hand to the depressed man's brow. Pink light glows from his palm. As we move back outside, the light intensifies to neon. Something moist splatters all over the windows. It looks like Pepto Bismol. Supernatural has wings!

Over the episode's title card, a man in a cheerful blue vest makes coffee in a convenience store. He checks the register and wipes down the slushy machine. This conscientiously clean clerk is Castiel, although his friendly name tag swears his name is actually Steve. He's poured a cup of coffee for himself and watches as two customers prepare their own cups at the counter. He imitates their every move, like a primatologist trying to observe and thus fit in with monkeys. Comical music plays, but Castiel's hair looks pretty sad. He has eschewed his artfully tousled 'do for something that conforms more closely to his scalp. This, combined with his rugby striped shirt, makes him look like he's waiting to get his school picture taken. One of the patrons tosses his coffee stirrer into the trash, and high-fives his friend to celebrate the small victory. Castiel throws away his stirrer in the same manner, then tries to high-five the guy who delivers the newspapers. Alas, his timing is off and he's left hanging. Is there anything sadder than an unrequited high-five? Yes – a billion things. But it's still pretty sad, mostly because of Castiel's embarrassed look.

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