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Did You Know The Hardy Boys Are Utterly Insane?

And by the time the camera catches up with Sam, he's just turning a corner of the lot to find...Edgar, lurking in the shadows at the far end of the path! DUN! "Congratulations," Edgar mildly opens. "Apparently, you two are competent enough to warrant annihilating." As Edgar slowly begins to approach Sam, he adds quite sincerely, "I'd take it as a compliment." And then?

BAM! Dean pops up from out of nowhere to fire a sawed-off shotgun point-blank into Edgar's ear, and the force of the blast sends Edgar keeling over to one side. "VIOLENCE!" howls Raoul, and great is the lizardly hooting and hollering at Chez Demian for the remainder of this sequence, because from here on out it's just one great, big slab of awesome piled on top of another. "EEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Of course, because Edgar's a Leviathan, and because Leviathans are unkillable until this show suddenly decides they're not, Edgar quickly rights himself and turns to glare at Dean. Uh oh. There's a brief flash of that shitty, shitty CGI, and then Edgar lifts Dean into the air and flings him halfway across the yard. Something audibly snaps when Dean smashes into a windshield and goes crashing to the ground, and when we catch a glimpse of his right leg, it looks like he's shattered his shin so badly that shards of bone are now poking out of his jeans. "GOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" Meanwhile, Darling Sammy bravely stomps up to Edgar to deck The Leviathan square in the jaw, and as Edgar takes a moment to recover from the blow, Sam whips his head back to make note of the terribly convenient junker dangling from a perfectly positioned crane far above their heads. Coincidentally enough, Edgar threw Dean practically on top of the crane's remote release mechanism, so Dean handily grabs the box and jams his finger down on the appropriate button. Unfortunately for Sam, however, Edgar has just enough time to bash in his skull with a tire iron, but as The Ginormotron topples over into the dirt, the junker lands directly on Edgar's unnatural head with an immensely satisfying crunch. "EEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

And when that intense bout of awesomeness has passed, bitterly black demonic foulness spills out from beneath the wrecked car as Dean crawls over to unconscious Sam's side. "Come on!" Dean grunts, ineffectually shaking Sam's limp body by one of its remarkably healthy shoulders. "I'm the one with the broken leg -- you gotta carry me!" Alas, Sam does not respond, so Dean has little choice but to dial 911, which I don't think he's ever done on this show before.

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