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Did You Know The Hardy Boys Are Utterly Insane?

Meanwhile, My Former Baboo staggers down that forbiddingly darkened hallway from last week and out a convenient emergency exit, in the process completely ignoring the fact that Lucifer's now got Darling Sammy in a chokehold. It must have gotten a little of that motor oil in Its eyes. Then again, Darling Sammy didn't seem to notice My Former Baboo lurching past, either, and the only thing he's got in his eyes is Mark Pellegrino, so I don't know what the hell's going on, here. Maybe I should shut up and listen to the dialogue. "You're not real!" Darling Sammy somehow manages to choke out, despite all evidence to the contrary. "Riiiiight!" Lucifer croons. "You think this fruitbat fever dream is reality?" he smirks. "You come back -- I'm sorry -- with no soul, like some peppy American Psycho 'til Saint Dean glues you back together again by buying you some magic amnesia?" Well, when you put it like that, Satan, of course Season Six sucked. Lucifer releases the chokehold, and as Darling Sammy crashes back to the floor, gasping for air, his tormentor claims, "You're real, I'm real, and everything else is what we call 'set dressing.'" "You're still in my cell," Lucifer taunts. "My bunkmate buddy -- you're my little bitch in every sense of the term." I am sickened and repulsed. And strangely excited at the same time. Darling Sammy averts his eyes and starts hyperventilating a little bit as Lucifer whispers, "Saaaaaaaaam!" and when he looks back up, he finds...

...Dashing El Deano poking his nose all up in his face! DUN! As Dean's got approximately zero time to deal with Sam's brain bullshit at the moment, he orders his brother to "button this up," and with that, the boys plus Bobby exit Crowley's laboratory, this time presumably for good.

Out on some ridiculously scenic hiking trail, My Former Baboo lurches along until It reaches a fenced-in municipal reservoir. With the last of Its strength, My Former Baboo rips the padlock from the gate and stumbles into the water just as Sam, Dean, and Bobby race onto the scene behind It. Our three protagonists watch helplessly as My Former Baboo wades out into the middle of the lake, at which point It allows Itself to sink beneath the surface. A whirlpool immediately forms above the spot where My Former Baboo disappeared, and it spins for a bit before collapsing in upon itself and coughing up a clot of bitterly black demonic foulness, which shoots out in inky tentacles across the surface of the lake before diving back down into the waters' depths. "Aw, hell," Bobby sighs, right before he ducks beneath the frame to avoid the oncoming...

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