Hello, Cruel World

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Did You Know The Hardy Boys Are Utterly Insane?

...a private garage, where we find a nondescript middle-aged gent futzing with the spark plugs in his car. Suddenly, the pipes leading to the work sink in the corner start rattling off their supports, so the nondescript middle-aged gent knocks it off with his futzing to amble on over and investigate, and that's a very bad move on the nondescript middle-aged gent's part, indeed, for the moment he reaches the sink, the faucet vomits a spray of bitterly black demonic foulness directly into his eyes. DUN!

Deep within the lush coastal rainforests of southeastern South Dakota, Darling Sammy slumbers peacefully upon one of Bobby's vermin-infested sofas until Lucifer starts whispering sweet nothings in his ear. He bolts awake in a blind panic, only to find his brother hovering above him with a hearty wake-up snack of bottled water and protein bars. Dean tends to Sam's injured mitt, with Lucifer quite amusingly offering us all a snide running commentary on the action from off to one side until Bobby enters so the three might chat about their latest predicament. As The Leviathans have yet to reveal themselves in any sort of obvious, media-friendly manner, Our Intrepid Heroes plus their ever-patient host must resign themselves to sitting around doing nothing for the moment. Fortunately, this allows them more than enough time to jabber away at each other -- AGAIN, SOME MORE -- this time about Sam's fascinating Lucifer hallucinations. Dean's flabbergasted to learn of this latest kink in Sam's ongoing bout of mindfuckery, and he wonders, loudly, "Why would the devil holodeck you a whole new life when he could just kick your ass all over The Cage?" "'Cause," Sam explains, "as he puts it, 'You can't torture someone who has nothing left for you to take away.'" Lucifer, saucily perched on a chair in the middle of the study, chimed in to echo Sam on all of that, and he now offers Darling Sammy a delightfully condescending, "Very good!" for getting the appropriate quote right. Dean and Bobby eventually notice that Sam's been staring anxiously off to one side during this entire conversation, and Dean blurts, "Wait. Are you seeing him right now?" Sam nods. "You know that he's not real, right?" Dean asks. Sam takes a miserable moment to mope before sadly replying, "He says the same thing about you." Bobby hysterically takes this as his cue to excuse himself from all of the batshit now occupying his study, and once he's gone, Sam and Dean stare at each other.

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