Holy Terror

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Hardy Boy, Your Angels Came Home to Roost
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THEN! At the start of the season, Dean prayed to Castiel, asking for help with Sam, who was imitating a noodle kugel after his bout with that last "hell gate" trial. Unbeknownst to Dean at the time, Castiel was no longer an angel. Metatron had taken out his grace and used it for a spell to cast the angels out of Heaven. As a result, Castiel spent some time bumming around as a bum, because along with his grace he also lost his sense of direction and couldn't figure out how to make it 400 miles due east to the Lair O' Letters. Kevin Tran finally got an invite to the LOL, though, where he proved to be kind of a useless Prophet of the Lord, unable to translate the Angel Tablet. Meanwhile, the angels were finding human vessels to possess, thanks to a televangelist named Buddy Boyle and an uptight angel named Bartholomew. With his fallback angel now human, Dean turned to another for help. This one said his name was Ezekiel, and promised to heal Sam from the inside. Dean had to keep it a secret from Sam, lest little bro eject his angelic hitchhiker like a warm tuna salad sandwich.

NOW! A chipper white bus putters along a country road in Caribou, Wyoming. Its occupants sing "This Little Light of Mine" in perfect harmony. Clearly they're going to be evil, right? The bus is plastered with bumper stickers exhorting other motorists to honk if they love Jesus, along with a sign letting us know that this is the transportation of choice for the Melody Ministry Glee Club. They pull up outside a dilapidated old saloon, dubbed the Round 'Em Up Bar. Several motorcycles are parked out front, along with whatever old cars the crew could muster up. Eleven ladies in crisp, white cotton dresses and apricot-hued cardigans walk into the bar and line up in front of the door like they're about the invited the patrons to play a game of Red Rover. The bar's patrons (bikers in denim and riding leather, with long hair or shaved pates) look up from their mugs of beer. The bikers form a line parallel to the ladies. "You shouldn't be here," says one of the bikers. "We have just as much right to be here as you do, brother," says a petite blond lady. Everybody flicks angel blades out from their sleeves and into their hands.

From outside, we see the ensuing battle. Lights flash from angelic death throes, windows shatter dramatically. In a few moments, the fight is over, and the glee club emerges victorious, their white dresses and cardigans painted with blood. With self-satisfied smiles, they climb back onto their bus and begin singing once again. "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine!" What's with angels taking buses this season? If they're too weak to flit about, they really shouldn't be picking fights. But then that would be asking for rational thought from loonies, so, never mind. Supernatural has wings!

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