Holy Terror

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Hardy Boy, Your Angels Came Home to Roost

Metatron and Gadreel meet by the freeway again. Is he flitting to these meetings or is Sam's body borrowing one of the LOL's stash of sweet vintage rides? I know he's not using the Impala, because that Dean would have noticed. Gad says he's been thinking things over and he's come to a conclusion: "I will join you as second-in-command." Metatron acts like he's just won a small lottery. "Bravo, Gadreel! This move will erase the mark that has hounded you through the centuries!" Gadreel is like the long-abused dog that reacts to the slightest praise by rolling onto his back and wriggling his whole body. Not literally, of course, but just imagine all that taking place on his face and you've got the visual. "There is just one more thing," Metatron says. To be sure that Gadreel is loyal to him, Metatron needs him to kill someone. Gadreel protests that he's not a killer, but Metatron is insistent. He calls this person an enemy who's trying to ruin all their hard work. "Here's the first name on your to-do list," he says, handing Gadreel a slip of paper. There is zero reason he wouldn't just say the name, but the show wants it to be a surprise later.

Kevin and Dean talk about the spell after the fact, instead of letting us see them drawing the blood sigils on the storeroom wall. Heaven forbid they show us interesting things as they happen when they could just tell us about it later. "This is gonna work, right?" Dean asks as they wander into the library. "The sigils are supposed to hobble the possessing angel, if the info is correct," Kevin says. "As soon as your blood touches the ignition sigil, the spell kicks in." Dean is a bit freaked out that they don't know for sure this will work. Kevin has figured out that this isn't about the general human population, unless they plan on bringing a bunch of people into the LOL. "What's going on?" he asks. "You're just gonna have to trust me," Dean says. "I always trust you," Kevin says, "and I always end up screwed."

Dean lures Sam into the storeroom in the guise of needing to talk. While Sam's back is turned, Dean draws a knife across his own palm and hits the sigil. It flares into fiery life. "What's going on?" Sam asks. "I gotta tell you some stuff, fast," Dean says, "and it's gonna piss you off." He tells Sam about the coma and nearly dying. "So I let an angel in," he says. "In what?" Sam asks. "In you," Dean says. He explains he tricked Sam into letting the angel in to heal him. Unfortunately, the angel was a big, fat liar and now he doesn't know who's actually inside Sam. "Apparently, whoever this guy is could end you in a heartbeat, so you have got to dump him." Sam makes a bunch of faces while he processes the news. He starts to walk away, so Dean follows after him. Sam knocks him right the hell out.

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