Holy Terror

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Hardy Boy, Your Angels Came Home to Roost

Sam runs into the library, then slows to a stiff walk. His posture is unusually good, which means it's no longer Sam, but Gadreel. "Hey, Sam," Kevin greets him. "Do you notice anything a little bit 'off' about Dean lately? Between you and me, I'm a little bit worried about him." Dean recovers just in time to walk into the library and see Gadreel slap a hand over Kevin's forehead. Light explodes out of Kevin's eyes and mouth. Dean runs over to him, but it's too late. The Lord's Littlest Prophet drops to the floor, with two smoking pits where his eyes used to be. Gadreel pins Dean to the wall with a bit of angel mojo. "Sam," Dean croaks. "There is no more Sam," Gadreel says, "but I played him convincingly, I thought." He was eavesdropping in the next room when Dean and Kevin talked about their spell. He shows the paint on his fingers where he wiped away some of the sigil. It still lit up like it was working, though, so what the hell? Also, what was the point of pretending to be Sam? He could have just waltzed in there and killed Kevin right away. "Sorry about Kevin," Gadreel says. "But ultimately, it's for the best. I did what I had to." He packs up the angel tablet and then, on his way out, he places that little slip of paper on Kevin's chest. Of course, it bears his name, which Metatron could have just said in the first place.

Only when Gadreel is some distance away do the magical bonds holding Dean give way. He falls to the floor, clutching his chest. He calls out to Kevin, but his tone suggests he doesn't really expect an answer. Dean sobs wretchedly as first one perfect tear and then another rolls down his cheeks. Kevin must surely be dead if he's not affected by this moving display. Except...'s kind of hard to be moved by death on this show, because, all too often, they just don't stick. So instead of feeling sad about Kevin's demise, or even annoyed that it was entirely too contrived in a shameless effort to evoke emotion, I instead wonder how long it will be before he's brought back. If he later proves to be really and truly dead, and not just pining for the fjords, only then will it be bothersome, because he will have been cheated out of a meaningful character death by all the meaningless ones that came before.

In the meantime, enjoy the winter hiatus. Try to give your liver a break, because we're not even half done with the season yet.

Tippi Blevins belongs to a deadly faction of recapper angels. Contact her at, or find her her on Twitter: @TippiB.

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