Holy Terror

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Hardy Boy, Your Angels Came Home to Roost

The Winchesters are driving to or from someplace in the middle of the night, in the perpetual rainstorm that follows their every move. "So, he's better?" Dean asks. "Yes, Sam is much improved," says the thing that looks like Sam, currently sitting in the passenger seat. "It shouldn't be much longer now." Dean points out that Ezekiel has been telling him this for a while now, and that he'd like his brother back. But Zeke's not done healing or talking. "I must say, Dean, I am very uncomfortable with this whole trip," he says. Maybe if you took that stick out of your ass. "Investigating crimes involving angels -- or anything involving angels -- puts me, and therefor Sam, at risk." Dean says this is what they do. Remember the family business? "If we ignore it, Sam's gonna know something fishy is going on." Dean realizes that Zeke has been eavesdropping on Sam's day-to-day life, and that's how he knows about the current job. Zeke says he only catches a word here and there.

Dean starts to say something, but Zeke cuts out and Sam pops back through again. Zeke is like one of those people who hangs up the phone without saying goodbye. Jerk. Sam picks up from whatever conversation he was having before Zeke took over. "I mean, I was gonna say it seems like it's getting really quiet out there." That's because the show is terrible at keeping more than one plot going at a time. Remember Abaddon? What's she up to? Sam says Buddy Boyle hasn't been broadcasting lately. "Obviously the calm before the storm," Dean says. Sam looks out the window and notices they're a lot closer to Fort Collins than they were a second ago. Dean tries to make like Sam is being paranoid since Vesta freaked him out, but apparently this kind of thing has been happening more and more lately. Sam says he's missing chunks of time. "There are times like I'm not here!" He doesn't want to hear Dean blame it on the trials again, but Dean is insistent. "Would I lie?" he asks with a big, phony smile.

Biker bar. The Winchesters flash their FBI badges at the cop manning the door. "Ah, one of your guys is here already," the cop says. Sam and Dean try to not look too surprised, and head on inside. There, they find the bloody aftermath of the angel fight. Soot stains the floor wherever one of the biker angels fell. Tables and chairs are upended. Precious, precious beer pours from forgotten bottles. They find the other FBI agent talking to a local detective. "Ah, my colleagues," the agent says in a familiarly gravelly voice. For he is actually Castiel, and he is wearing a dark blue suit again, and all is right with the world again, if just for a moment. Dean looks a wee bit annoyed. Sam looks like his face is having spasms. He and Castiel greet each other as agents. "Cass, what the hell are you doing?" Dean asks prissily. "I still have that badge you gave me," Castiel says, especially pleased with himself. He should be not only pleased, but amazed, holding onto that thing all through Purgatory and becoming human and throwing away all his old clothes and living as a hobo. He says he thought he could help. "Yeah, but you know this is angel situation," Sam says, lowering his voice. "I mean you left that night because the angels were on your ass." Not in the fun way, either. Castiel stares at him in confusion while Dean hurries to change the subject. Like, hey, what about your very prestigious job at the convenience store that I pooped on a few weeks ago? Castiel says it's worth the risk. The Winchesters look doubtful, so he says cheerfully, "Hey, Cass is back in town!" There's your sound bite for the week, CW promo monkeys.

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