Holy Terror

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Hardy Boy, Your Angels Came Home to Roost

Castiel shows them photos of the bodies before they were removed from the crime scene. "These angels were butchered with much more violence than was required," he notes. Castiel and I have very different definitions of excessive violence. At least the bodies are still whole. Dean wonders if Bartholomew is responsible, but Sam thinks they should check into other factions. After Castiel wanders off to do... whatever, Ezekiel pops back up. He's not terribly sneaky about popping in and out of Sam, is he? What if someone were to notice the Lite-Brite eyes? Dean just looks tired of all this shit and walks away from him before he can say anything. That's just great, because to Sam it's going to look like his brother just vanished into thin air as soon as Zeke gives him back control of his body.

In a dark factory yard somewhere, two limousines pull up to each other. The chauffeurs get out of their respective cars; one of them wears the telltale gray suit of a bureaucrat, while the other wears black leather and jeans. Poor Man's Cobie Smulders gets out of the bureaucrat's limo, while one of the glee club singers gets out of the other. She's accompanied by a weasel-y guy with a goatee and a swing haircut that I just cannot take seriously. "Good evening, Malachi," says Poor Man's Cobie Smulders. "Where is he?" asks the weasel Malachi. They both sound super Canadian. PMCS says Bartholomew was much too busy to come to the meeting, which pisses off Malachi just a wee bit. He says they all want to take Heaven back from Metatron, and the only way they can do that is to work together. "If Bartholomew wants to avoid all-out warfare here on Earth, then he'll meet with me personally to negotiate terms." PMCS scoffs. "I'm sorry," she says. Barty Bart doesn't negotiate with street thugs, she says, but he does underestimate street thugs. That's how the bureaucrats get taken by surprise when Malachi and his minions go on the attack. "And so it begins," Malachi says to nobody in particular, as he stands over the dead bodies of his brethren.

The Winchesters and their plus-one gather at a local bar for beers and chitchat. "It is so good being together again," Castiel says. He points out this is his first beer as a human. Surprising he held out this long, isn't it? If any situation requires immediate and profound drunkenness, it's losing one's wings and falling from grace. "I hope it's okay, me joining you," he says. "Why wouldn't it be okay?" Sam asks. Dean's face goes, "Oh, shit." Mr. Roper is going to find out you've been lying about the roommate situation! Luckily, Castiel doesn't say anything while Dean is scrambling to come up with some way to change the subject. "Are you sure you're ready to jump back into all this?" Dean asks. "It seemed to me like you'd actually found some peace." Castiel, slurring his words a bit, says, "Hey, you once told me you don't choose what you do -- it chooses you." He's already in that "I love you, man," stage of drinking and punctuates the platitude with a wink.

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