Holy Terror

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Hardy Boy, Your Angels Came Home to Roost

They get down to the business of figuring out who's doing the fighting and why. Bartholomew wants to reverse Metatron's spell, Castiel says, so he can take back Heaven. "That's according to April," he says. "The Reaper you banged," Dean helpfully clarifies, adding, "She was hot." Castiel casts his eyes heavenward, agreeing, "So hot, and very nice up to when she started torturing me." What a weird thing to reminisce about. It's almost as if the show doesn't take female violence seriously! Castiel stumbles away to procure another round of beers.

Sam's eyes flash and his spine goes rigid, signifying Zeke's return. "Well, what are you going to do about this?" he asks prissily. He wants Castiel gone before he can start drawing a bunch of angels toward them. "What is it that you're so afraid of?" Dean asks. "When I chose to heal Sam, I chose sides," Zeke says. "That means I am not in good standing with certain angels." Except he says it like "cert-tain," all super enunciated and funny. Dean doesn't buy that argument, because, as he points out, it's not like Castiel is shying away from the fight and he's not on good standing with any of the angels. Zeke is at that point in an argument where he just wants to grab his ball and flounce away from the playground in a huff, so he pretends like he has to go to the car for some reason. Dean should maybe find some way to remind him to duck back into Sam's innards before doing so, because it's really going to confuse baby bro when he wakes up outside in the parking lot.

As Samzekiel heads outside, somebody walks up behind him. "Well, I'm really looking forward to this," a man's voice says. "Excuse me?" asks Samzekiel. He turns to see a scruffy little guy in a parka. It's Metatron, previously known as Marv, previously known as Booger. Metatron scoffs at Samzekiel's little innocent act. "I know who you really are," he says, waggling his finger with impish glee. "And it isn't Ezekiel," he says. Sam's borrowed face aims for something between innocence and surprise, and lands on frightened constipation.

Inside the bar, Castiel is showing that, at least where Dean is concerned, he's pretty good at picking up on human signals. "I notice you look uncomfortable whenever Sam mentions my leaving," he says. "Doesn't he know that you told me to leave?" How much of Sam's situation does Castiel actually know? Because all Dean explains is that Sam is still sick. He doesn't say anything about Sam being stuffed full of angel. When Castiel says he thought Ezekiel healed Sam, Dean seems to skirt around that subject, saying that he has do whatever it takes to get Sam back. "It's great to have your help, Cass," Dean says, "but we just can't work together." All the while, this lonesome steel guitar music plays on the jukebox, like the soundtrack to a sad breakup scene.

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