Holy Terror

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Hardy Boy, Your Angels Came Home to Roost

The Winchesters return to the LOL. Sam seems to be in possession of himself once more, and expresses some concern for Castiel. Apparently Dean's angelic boyfriend took off without any explanation, and Dean doesn't offer one now except to say that Castiel has been acting strangely ever since he became human. That's supposed to put an end to Sam's questions? Well, it does for now, if only because they move on to the matter of the dead bikers. "His name was Red Dog," Sam says of one of the corpses. "Of course it was," Dean snorts. Let he who is without silly nickname cast the first stone, Dee-Dawg. Despite Dean's preconceived notions about bikers, it turns out this one was a church-going family man who played Santa every Christmas. Sam pulls up a picture on his laptop, showing all the victims in happier times. "Get this – they were all baptized together." A winged patch on Red Dog's vest declares him a member of "Boyle's Boys." Sam reads a quote from Red Dog's wife saying her husband came home a "changed man" one night after a prayer meeting. "So Boyle's at it again, selling people on being meat suits," Dean grumps. Maybe he was trying to heal people from within, Dean. He figures whoever slaughtered them must be even worse than Bartholomew's faction.

To provide evidence to back up Dean's intuition, the show drops in on the leader of the Melody Ministry Glee Club. She's tiny and blond and likes to sing, like Kristin Chenoweth, but with an evil angel inside. She's Kristin Cherubweth. She's out in the woods somewhere talking to a small group of young people around a toasty campfire. "I so appreciate the opportunity to address your bible study group," she says. "I admire your passion, your energy, your devotion!" Above the treetops, smoky glowing smoke swirls around as Kristin Cherubweth tells these young gullible things that they're just what God and the angels are looking for. She exhorts them to stand and join hands. "Now, feel the heavenly host embrace you! Embrace them back! The angels want nothing more than to feel your love! In the name of Malachi, let them in!" The young folk gaze upward at the swirling lights, happy as can be, when the normal reaction to such a sight would be losing control of one's bowels and running away as fast as one's rapidly filling underpants would allow. As Kristin Cherubweth raises her arms dramatically, a bunch of the bureaucrat angels descend upon her and the bible study group. Angel blades come out, lights flash, Malachi's new recruits go down. The camera focuses on the growing bloodstain on Kristin Cherubweth's crisp, white dress. Cotton: it was the fabric of your life.

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