Holy Terror

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Hardy Boy, Your Angels Came Home to Roost

The next day, Metatron and Gadreel meet somewhere by the freeway. "Frankly, I never got used to them," Metatron says. He's talking about humans. They're emotional basket cases. Gadreel agrees: "Sam Winchester? It is a mess in here. And the brother? I do not know where to start." Metatron says he can free him from all this messy humanity. "You would be the ruler of this new Heaven, correct?" asks Gadreel. "It is a burden I feel I must accept," Metatron says, after making a show of great reluctance. "Then, does that not make you God?" Gadreel asks. Metatron giggles, unable for a moment to contain his glee at the very idea. "I don't know that I'd take on that name necessarily. When the time comes, we'll call me... X." He says it like it's something he's just spit balling on the spot when you know he's already daydreamed several scenarios wherein he introduces himself in just this way.

Somewhere, still on the job, Castiel has managed to procure himself a tidy little motel room. He kneels beside the bed and folds his hands neatly together. "Okay, I am unfamiliar with this end of the process," he says by way of apology. "Of course, no one may be listening, but, um, I do need assistance." He closes his eyes, very earnest in his appeal. He tries many prayer poses from different religious faiths while the daylight wanes from the windows behind him. "I don't know how humans do it," he says, exhausted.

He goes over to the TV and fiddles with the knobs, to no effect. "Try plugging it in," says a woman's voice from outside. Castiel opens the door to find a lady park ranger. "Surely that wasn't the answer you were seeking," she says. "You're an angel," Castiel says. "Muriel," she introduces herself. She looks at him -- really looks at him -- for the first time and realizes who he is. She turns to go. "It can't be known that I even spoke to you," she says. "I just need a moment," he says. There's no resisting those big, pleading eyes.

At the LOL, Kevin pores over the angel tablet without luck. "Crowley said the spell to cast out the angels was irreversible," he reminds Dean. He stares harder at the tablet. "This part is nearly indecipherable." Isn't it all indecipherable, and that's why you can't read any of it? He thinks maybe Metatron was trying to keep the words hidden, even from the prophets. Sam returns from Gadreel's outing, or maybe it's still Gadreel, since he isn't wondering aloud why he was missing for the past 10 hours. Dean fills him in on the campground massacre. Long, boring story short: Dean linked Kristin Cherubweth to the deaths in the Wyoming biker bar. For a mid-season finale, this episode sure does have a lot of drawn-out scenes of people just standing (or sitting) around and talking…and talking and talking.

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