Holy Terror

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Hardy Boy, Your Angels Came Home to Roost

Theo steps back to allow Malachi to question Castiel again. "You'd suffer -- even die -- for your beliefs. I get it. But is Metatron... worth your life? More importantly, is Metatron worth her life?" He glances down at Muriel. "No, she's innocent," Castiel says. "You leave her alone." Malachi gives the nod to Theo, who guts Muriel over Castiel's protests.

Immediate aftermath. "We're angels butchering angels," Castiel says over Muriel's body. Oddly enough, the tag on her uniform says her name is Muriel Ryan. Did the angel just luck into a vessel that already had an angelic name, or did she get that job after possession? "I'm just following your example," Malachi manages to say through his merkin. "How many did you kill in Heaven? How many in the fall?" Castiel looks surprised; this is the first he's heard of angels dying because of the spell. "Oh, a host of angels died in the fall," Malachi says. "Azrael, Sophia, Ezekiel... 'Died' doesn't begin to describe it." Malachi goes on about their pain and suffering, but Castiel has latched onto this news about dead Ezekiel. Malachi hands the torture session back to Theo, then leaves the room. Bad guys always be leaving rooms when good guys need to escape.

Theo closes the door, then makes a big show of picking out gruesome torture devices. "Give me a quick death," Castiel says, squeezing his eyes shut. Theo holds a huge syringe up to Castiel's neck, then leans in close. "I need you to speak to speak to Metatron," he whispers. Castiel dares to open his eyes again, just a crack. "Everyone knows you have influence, he'll listen to you," Theo says. "Ask him to raise me to Heaven." At first, Castiel is too shocked to respond. Tentatively, perhaps expecting a trick, he points out that Theo serves Malachi. "I thought he was the answer, but he's crazy," Theo says. "You're noticing this now?" Castiel asks. Heh. Theo promises to talk to Metatron about restoring Castiel's grace. Castiel gets a gleam in his eyes as he realizes Theo is sincere... and gullible. He admits that he's working with Metatron, but makes noises about reluctant to bring Theo into things. This puts Theo in the position of having to beg for Castiel's help. He's then more than happy to unchain Castiel when asked. Castiel says he'll contact Metatron. "But you have something I'll need," he says. "Anything," Theo promises. Castiel grabs a free angel blade and slashes Theo right across his Adam's apple. His grace comes spraying out, which Castiel then sucks down. I feel like I just watched some weird snowballing thing.

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