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The Hardy Boys Do the Zelda Rubenstein Thing

And the next issue appears to be Padalecki's drawing skills, as the camera shows us him attempting to sketch the gnarled tree from his dream. I'm happy to see that he is doing so on the motel-issued writing pad -- it says "Sleep Easy Motel" across the top -- and not on, say, a completely out-of-place canvas and easel. Nice touch, Props! As Sam sketches, Dean sips coffee and surfs the interweb on his DELL LAPTOP COMPUTER: "I think I found a few candidates for our next gig. A fishing trawler found off the coast of Cali. Its crew vanished. And, ah, got some cattle mutilations in West Texas…" Sam is not listening to him. Dean asks if he's "boring you with this hunting evil stuff?" and, well, Dean, I hate to break it to you, but that whole evil bugs thing from last week? Pretty boring. Sam claims to be listening and Dean continues, finally asking him, "Any of these things blowing up your skirt, pal?" Hee.

Sam continues staring intently at his eighth-grade art project until something clicks: "Wait, I've seen this." He rushes over to dig their dad's journal out of his bag, flips through some of the pictures stuffed into it, and finds a double of one of the photos stuffed in the box in Jenny's basement. He turns to Dean and tells them they have to go back home to Kansas. Dean is like, "Okay, random." This is actually his line. Sam goes over to Dean and starts to explain that he thinks the people that live in their old house might be in danger. Dean wonders where he's getting this information and Sam tells him he just has to trust him. Dean gives him the z-snap, and says, "Well, tough. I'm not going anywhere" until Sam explains why they have to go home. So Sam takes a deep breath and tells Dean, "I have these nightmares. And sometimes they come true." Dean: "Come again?" Sam: "Look, Dean, I dreamt about Jessica's death. For days before it happened." Dean tries to shrug this off, but Sam continues, "No, I dreamt about the blood dripping, her on the ceiling, the fire, and I didn't do anything about it because I didn't believe it." Oh, Sammy, don't beat yourself up over that. Last night, I dreamt that I grew muffins for feet and I haven't done anything about that either. The Hardy Boys are both getting a little choked up in this scene as Sam pleads with Dean to believe him. Dean shakes his head and says, "I don't know." Sam's voice goes up into Mike Tyson's register and he squeaks, "What do you mean you don't know? This woman might be in danger. I mean, this might even be the thing that killed Mom and Jessica." Dean pulls out the big guns by employing the Get Up and Distractedly Walk Over Here method of connoting emotional distress while asking Sam to just "slow down. I mean, first you tell me you've got the shining? And then you tell me that I've gotta go back home? Especially when…when I swore to myself that I would never go back there?" Sam counters Dean's GUADWOH with an Intense Stare Coupled With Slow Rise to My Feet and tells him, "Look, Dean, we have to check this out, just to make sure." Guess who wins? Sweeps does.

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