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The Hardy Boys Do the Zelda Rubenstein Thing

The Metallicar, lonely highway. They say that the road ain't no place to start a family. While pulling up in front of the old house, Sam asks Dean if he's going to be all right. Dean turns to him and with a cracking voice says, "Let me get back to you on that." Aw. I wonder if Sam ever gets mad about not having any lines that make me go either "aw" or "hee"? They knock on the door and Jenny answers. Dean immediately starts in on one of his "federal marshal, ma'am" lies, but Sam interrupts with something closer to the truth and tells her that they used to live there, were just driving by, and wanted to take a look around. She realizes the pictures in the basement were their family's, and invites them in.

She leads them into the kitchen. Dean is holding himself very stiffly. In the kitchen a toddler jumps up in down in his playpen asking for "Juice! Juice! Juice!" She says his name is Richie, and goes to the fridge to get him some of his toddler crack. Close-up on the child-proofed refrigerator door. The little girl is sitting at the kitchen table doing some homework, and gets introduced as Sari. Dean wants to know why they moved there, and Jenny vaguely says she needed a fresh start. Dean and Sam are both fixing a real "Lady, you don't know what you're in for" kind of look on her. Sam asks her how she likes the house, and she tells them no offense but "this place has its issues." She tells them about the flickering lights, backed-up sink, and rats in the basement before catching herself and saying she doesn't mean to complain. Dean asks if she's actually seen the rats or just heard the scratching. Sam and Dean exchange looks as Sari asks her mom to see if the thing in her closet lived there when they used to. The Hardy Boys try to keep it together, assuring her that nothing lives in her closet, when Sari busts out with "it came into my bedroom and it was on fire." Oh shit.

The boys rush down the front stairs going over the evidence. Sam is doing a little Shining victory dance, saying that all the signs point to "a malevolent spirit." Dean says he's "just freaked out that your weirdo visions are coming true." Sam is giving Dean the full-on Amy Sherman-Palladino treatment, firing questions at him: What's the thing in the house? Is it the thing that killed Mom and Jessica? Sam wants to get the family out of the house now, but Dean thinks that plan is wiggity-wack. Sam's being a little whiny: "So what are we supposed to do?"Cut to a gas station where Dean answers, "We just gotta chill out." Holy Christ, we've got a smooth and logical transition! And on top of all that continuity, we even get a nice low shot of the Metallicar. Dare I say that this episode is artful thus far? Why yes I think I do dare, tee hee hee hee hee! Dean tells Sam to get some perspective on this "job." Sam walks around back of the car to join Dean in the rear. Heh. They start discussing what Dean even remembers from that fateful night back in '83. He remembers "the fire, the heat, and that I carried you out the front door." Sam is touched: "You did?" He never knew that before. Dean says if their dad had a theory about what happened that night, "he kept it to himself. God knows we asked him enough times." Dean's locution is getting a bit too "just folks" here. They also clearly shot this scene before Padalecki's visit to the stylist, as his bangs have become problematic again. Sam says that in order to figure out what's happening now, they have to figure out what happened back then, which no, not really you don't. Dean is all business with a curt "Yep. Gotta talk to Dad's friends, neighbors..." Sam tries to get him to acknowledge how weird this "job" is, but Dean just excuses himself to go to the bathroom...

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