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The Hardy Boys Do the Zelda Rubenstein Thing

Which reminds us, let's take a look at what's going on at Home Sweet Evil. In the kitchen, Richie jumps up and down in his playpen while Jenny argues with someone over the phone over whether or not she is liable for what happened to the plumber. The ceiling starts rattling and she gets off the phone to go check it out, telling Richie she'll be right back.

Back at Missouri's, Sam tells her they think something is back in that house. Missouri says she is confused because she keeps an eye on the house and it's been quiet: "No sudden deaths, no freak accidents, why is it acting up now?" Sam says that everything happening at once -- their dad disappearing, Jessica dying, and now this house -- "feels like something is starting." This show really needs to sort its shit out. Is "something starting" or is there just always weird evil happening all the time? Is there a larger evil or just little weekly evils? Dean is not amused by Sam's declaration about this "something." I knew he wanted to marry me.

Back in the kitchen, the hinge pins holding the wooden playpen together are slowly drawn upward by an invisible force. The front of the playpen drops to the floor. Then the child safety lock on the refrigerator is loosened by the same force and the refrigerator door swings open. Richie looks down at the track marks on his arm and realizes this is his chance to make a major juice score. It is so sad to see kids in the throes of addiction. He toddles his way over to the fridge for his fix. Monster's-eye view again from inside the fridge. This kid's death wish is so strong, a desire to numb his veins and his heart with the cold sweet embrace of juice, that he climbs in to be with the juice and the invisible force slams the door shut on him. Cut to a middle-distance handheld shot of the fridge that now holds a tiny person inside. Creepy.

Commercials. Jenny returns to the kitchen to find the playpen disassembled and Richie gone. Handheld camera of maternal desperation as Jenny starts yelling Richie's name and ineffectively looking for him. She moves toward the refrigerator a few times only to circle back away from it. Finally she notices milk dripping out of the refrigerator onto the floor and rushes over to it, pulling her little addict out and hugging him tightly. The kitchen is inexplicably filled with grey mist. Vincent Price, are you behind this?Knocking. Jenny opens the door to find Dean, Sam, and Missouri standing on her front stoop. She's unwilling to share her mental breakdown with them and tells them that it isn't a good time. Dean starts barking "Jenny, it's important" when Missouri knocks him on the back of the head and tells him to "give this poor girl a break." She asks Jenny to hear her out, telling her she knows that she knows that something weird is going down in the house. Jenny's got a pair of chompers to rival Everwood's Madison. Wonder if she wishes she were Maggie Grace, too?

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