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The Lord God Your Hardy Boys

Hook Man's gone for a few seconds, during which the brothers yell at each other about whether they got all the silver. Dean notices Plain Jane's necklace, and it turns out its a "church heirloom." Sam rips it off her neck, and just then Hook Man starts making scraping lines into the walls. Dean takes this moment -- when Hook Man's just showboating -- to, with his back to the camera, dramatically pose his face, bathed in light, in profile, since we needed a shot like that for promos and montages. Hook Man continues prancing around. Dean tosses Sam the gun and takes off with the necklace. Sam shoots, one-handed (thankfully it wasn't the spot that counts) in the direction of Hook Man's little invisible one-man show. Dean hauls ass down to the fire and tosses the necklace in. Sam struggles to reload the gun, only to get it knocked out of his hands by Hook Man, who lurks above them, hook raised, as we cut between the necklace beginning to melt, and Hook Man beginning to laughably burn up right in front of Sam and Plain Jane. Dean runs back into the room, breathless, and THANK THE LORD sweaty. Metal Teeth Chomp.

Commercials. Sheriff wrap-up. This time he questions Dean about seeing the man with the hook. Dean tells him that they fought him off and he ran. The Sheriff has one thankless and boring job. Perhaps Eric Kripke would like to develop a show about him. Before Sheriff can even finish telling Dean to get out of town, Dean's like "yeah yeah, we're on our way." Dean gets in the Metallicar and watches Sam and Plain Jane in the car's side view mirror. She thanks Sam and obviously wants to make out. Sam does not comply and returns to the car, getting in silently. Dean says they could stay. For what? For this psychopathically "moral" girl to continue trying to make out with people and then turning rageful when they comply? Sam's got his jaw clenched tighter than Clench and he nods his head "no" tightly. I can't tell if he's being all "poor me, proximity to a woman has reminded me that I? I once lost a woman and it has made me so deep with such wells of loneliness," or if he's pissed because that Plain Jane was seriously one fucked up lady. I like the latter option, because, seriously, he's got good reason to hate on her.

Oh, and P.S. no way in hell am I letting you in on the secret knock. Now fry like bacon, you little freshman piggies!! Fry!!

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