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The Lord God Your Hardy Boys

ReeReeRee. You know, the usual. A thump issues from the roof of the truck. Plain Jane screams and crouches down by the wheel well, gazing upward. The camera follows her gaze and we hear lots of screeching and scraping noises but see nothing except some flickering light. Heavy breathing. ReeRee. Flicker. Flicker. Horns. Whooshes. Exotic percussion. Whoose. Breath. Breath. Then, see Jane get out of the truck, see Jane start rushing off down the desolate road, see Jane double-take back toward the truck, see Jane literally contract her little arms up toward her shoulder and then shake them out in concert with her little horror scream. See Jane see Rich strung upside down by the feet from the train trestle five million feet above the truck, his bloody arms and torso swinging lazily in the breeze, his hand scraping along the roof of the truck. A few quick cut zooms in on the dead body and then cut to black.

Sam slams down the receiver of a pay phone out front of a coffee shop. He heads back toward the table his brother is sitting at, as Dean tells him that "your half-caf double vanilla latte is getting cold over here, Francis." Sam's pissed because their father's trail is cold. Too bad it didn't stay that way. Instead, it got about as hot as a hot fart and, yes, you can consider that a spoiler. Dean tells his brother that their father doesn't want to be found and then asks him to look at a news story about a murder where the only witness claims that the attacker was invisible. Could be nothing. Yup. Could be something. Yup. Let's check it out.

Quiet Riot takes us to the next scene as we watch the Metallicar drive for about ten minutes before we get going on the storyline again. The brothers pull up in front of some place that remains visually unexplained except for the fact that some fat-faced peaches-and-cream complexion guy is eating a banana while working on a car engine with a screwdriver. Oooh! Oooh! Teacher! Pick me! Pick me! Okay, I think the boys a Salvador Dali painting? I mean, really, what do any of those props add up to besides retardation? Props at least got the whole "frat guys love dragging couches outside" thing down as we get a glimpse of a couch on the curb in the background as the boys walk up to Banana Screwdriver. ["Mmmm, banana screwdriver..." -- Joe R] There's some other guys in the picture, but we don't really get any sort of visual grounding, and for all we know the shot of Dean talking could be stock footage from the "Save a WB Actor" telethon. Dean tells Banana Screwdriver and Banana Screwdriver's posse that he and Sam are frat brothers from Ohio who need a place to stay. Pretty good cover, I'd say.

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