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The Lord God Your Hardy Boys

Commercials. Outside the police station, Dean yells at Sam that he talked the sheriff down to just a fine by telling him that Sam was a pledge getting hazed. "Dude, I'm Matlock." God, first Venkman, now Matlock? PLEASE do not take the name of Matlock in vain, kid. You only WISH you could look so hot in seersucker. Just then, a bunch of cops bust out of the police station and take off in their wailing siren cars.

Outside the srat house, Plain Jane sits forlorn and shaken in the back of an ambulance. The Metallicar chugs by, slowing down a bit to check out the scene. Plain Jane straightens up a bit and looks toward the boys hopefully. Meanwhile, the Reverend tells the Mountie that he just wants to take his daughter home, but apparently she's now sort of a suspect. But since the Mountie isn't willing to arrest her now, he lets the Reverend take her home.

The boys park the Metallicar on the street and sneak into the backyard of the srat house. The boys sneak along on the driveway, at the end of which are gathered a bunch of gawkers, cops, and EMTs, all helpfully with their backs to the two enormous dudes in ginormous leather coats thinking that by walking deliberately heel-to-toe they're invisible like Geronimo. Dean floats the idea that the Hook Man isn't haunting the scene of his crime, but is instead connected to something else. What, he has no idea. But he does have an idea of what he'd like to find: "Dude, sorority girls. Think we'll see a naked pillow fight?" He grins real dopey and then realizes that Sam is, like, scaling the side of the house behind him. Which is actually impossible, given that it is a regular house with regular siding-- no foot holds or whatever. Dean instantaneously appears up on the roof with Sam, and they find an open window and dive through, making sort of a racket: "Dude, be quiet." "Me be quiet? You be quiet!" I have a question: dude, what's with all the dudes, dude?

Inside, the boys unfortunately do not find any topless women cavorting and poking one another flirtatiously. Instead, they find a gruesome crime scene which, frankly, we all know is more up their alley. Especially if we added a Cher poster to the vignette somewhere. They read the message on the wall and say "that's straight out of the legend." Dean taps his nose and says "Definitely a spirit," and Sam explains, "Yeah, I've never smelled ozone so strong before." Sam keeps looking at the wall and realizes that the symbol painted below the message reminds him of something.

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