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The Lord God Your Hardy Boys

Out at the Metallicar, the boys lounge nonchalantly, despite having just been picked up by the police at a crime scene that has now replicated itself around the corner from them. Sam confirms that the symbol is the one they saw on the artfully-illuminated manuscript that was Rev. Jacob Karns'...arrest record. Dean is pretty cocky, saying that all they need to do is find the grave and salt and burn his bones. But -- zoinks! He's been buried in an unmarked grave. Says his...arrest record. The boys get back in the car, Dean grabbing a note or ticket or something that's been placed under his windshield wiper. Sam says they don't know why Jacob Karns is doing what he's doing. Dean says it has something to do with Plain Jane. Sam furrows.

Crackin' party at the Frat House that doesn't stop for a few measly, obviously-interconnected murders. Inside, the boys lurk weirdly in the middle of the dance floor. Dean thinks college is awesome and then asses a bunch at Sam when Sam says he didn't really have this experience. Sam takes a moment to be annoyed and then gets his excited monster killing face on, which, on the whole, is quite endearing. He's found out that every few decades "a man of religion who openly preaches against immorality" is accused of going on a killing spree that he always claims has been done by an invisible force. Sam says the connection to Plain Jane is her father, "a man of religion who openly preaches against immorality." That is some damn stupid phrasing there. What minister doesn't do that? The theory is that by wanting so badly to save his daughter from "immorality," the Reverend has probably unknowingly summoned a poltergeist that's feeding off his repressed emotions. Who knew poltergeists were also psychoanalysts? Dean says Sam should keep an eye on Plain Jane and when asked what he's going do, glances regretfully at a willing blond with a pool cue and sighs "I guess I'm gonna go find that unmarked grave." Obviously, Dean totally wishes he could just put that pool cue in somebody's trunk.

In the graveyard, Dean walks around slowly. Crickets chirp. Drunken Bee loves this scene. A twig breaks, Dean stops for a minute, then starts walking some more. Plinking and strings. Dean finally finds the grave with the Hook Man symbol on it.

Outside the Rev's house, Sam peers in and eavesdrops on the Rev and Plain Jane, who are having an argument inside. Apparently the Rev is going to get remarried to a woman who isn't even divorced from her current husband. Scandal! Plain Jane spits, "Jesus Christ!" and her dad yells, "Don't use that language!" All is not well in the house next door to the house of the Lord.

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