How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters

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The Hardy Boys Don't Know Dick

Meanwhile, back at the van, Dean informs Bobby via speakerphone that their side of the building continues to be quiet. And why, you ask, is Dean chatting with the hairball via his cell? Because Bobby's set up shop on a nearby roof, of course, the better to peer down at the corporate offices on the other side of the building. Things have been quiet on Bobby's end, as well, but no sooner has the camera joined him up there on his perch when Mr. Roman, Sly Sue, The Good Doctor and Edgar enter Mr. Roman's suite on the second floor. There's some preliminary nattering about Mr. Roman's busy schedule for the rest of the week before Mr. Roman bluntly informs The Good Doctor that his experiment is being shut down, effective immediately. Furthermore, The Good Doctor will now devour himself, the better to serve as a lesson to his "coworkers" regarding the dangers of exposing themselves to the world media. "ZZZZZZ -- what?! -- ZZZZZZZ!" Yeah, that's what I said, but feel free remain in your Coma Of Boredom, doll, because it's just a bunch of crappy CGI teeth with absolutely no comforting gore whatsoever. "ZZZZZZ -- phooey! -- ZZZZZZZ!"

Back atop the nearby roof, Bobby gapes and gasps and goggles and such until one of Mr. Roman's underlings materializes to punch him into this evening's next METAL TEETH CHOMP!

Roof. Aftermath. Our Intrepid Heroes survey the broken remains of Bobby's expensive surveillance equipment and sigh. "There are at least four Leviathans out there," Darling Sammy glooms, "and we don't even know how to kill one." Eagle-Eyed El Deano spots a van labeled "ACME INDUSTRIAL CLEANING" rounding the corner below, and he smiles, "Well, it'll be quite a shock when we walk in through the front door, won't it?" DUN!

Lair Of The Dick. Bobby groggily comes to in one of the leather armchairs while Mr. Roman and Sly Sue continue to review his busy schedule for the rest of the week, after which Sly Sue presents Mr. Roman with a case that arrived that afternoon from Sotheby's. Sly Sue then exits, and there follows an inordinately lengthy conversation between Mr. Roman and Bobby that's just marking time until we finally arrive at Our Intrepid Heroes' borax attack, so I'll simply note that the case from Sotheby's contains a pair of pearl-handled dueling pistols complete with ammunition and skip ahead to...

...Our Intrepid Heroes' borax attack! Down on the warehouse's main floor, Edgar and an anonymous underling approach two of Mr. Roman's Leviathanically enhanced bodyguards for a chat, only to find their little confab rudely interrupted by the sudden and unexpected arrival of Sam and Dean, who burst in through a side door toting two gigantic spray canisters of industrial-strength cleaning solvent. And then? Our Intrepid Heroes hose Edgar and the minions straight into this evening's final METAL TEETH CHOMP!, of course! "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!" Yeah, yeah -- we're almost at the end.

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