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The Hardy Boys Need Their Space

Back at The Blue Rose Motel, Ava's quite reasonably wondering, "Why can't you just leave town? Please? Before you blow up?" Hee. They've perched themselves on the edge of one of the beds for this portion of the tête-à-tête, by the way. "I can't," Sam insists. "There's something going on here, Ava, with you, with me -- there are others like us out there, and we're all a part of something, and I gotta figure out what." He gazes with aching sincerity at her through those heart-melting Super-Special Puppy-Dog Eyes of his. They don't work. In fact, they fail spectacularly -- perhaps for the very first time in his life -- which might just be yet another reason to like Ava. "You know what?" Ava begins, having had more than enough of Sam's gibbering whacko voodoo talk. "Screw you, buddy, because I'm a secretary from Peoria --" "Poor thing," Raoul interjects. "-- and I'm not a part of anything!" "You see this?" she demands, hopping to her feet to flash her antique engagement ring in Sammy's face. "I am getting married in eight weeks." "I am supposed to be at home addressing invitations," she exasperates, "but instead, I drove out here to save your weirdo ass, but if you just wanna stay here and die, fine!" "Me?" she snaps, snatching up her purse. "I'm due back on Planet Earth." And with that, Ava stomps towards the motel room's door. "Don't you want to know why this is happening?" Sam calls out at her retreating form. "I mean, don't these visions scare the hell out of you?" This gets her to stop. We can see her take a deep breath and tensely dart her eyes around as Sam continues, "'Cause if you walk out that door right now, you might never know the truth." This gets her, period, and Ava turns back to face him, all the defensive hostility and sarcasm gone from her face. "I need your help," Sammy pleads.

"So, Miss Wilson, you're new in town?" we hear the good doctor Waxler open as the camera shoots over to his office to land upon Ava, fidgeting nervously on his office sofa. "That's right!" she nods, a little too eagerly. "And what made you decide to seek out therapy?" the doctor wonders. Ava rather hysterically works her mouth around a series of lies she attempts to improvise until she gives up and blurts out, "I have no idea," which is closer to the actual truth than most people on this show would offer in this situation. Long story short, during the cute scene that follows, Ava basically distracts the good doctor's attention long enough for Sam to break into the outer office and swipe Scott Carey's confidential file. What's really amusing is that Sam -- for whatever reason -- must break into that outer office through the one of the windows, which apparently are set high above the ground, so we're treated to a glimpse of fifteen-foot-tall Jared Padalecki inching his way across the ledge outside, from Ava's understandably startled perspective. "Holy crap!" she exclaims as the ginormotron shimmies past. "What?" the good doctor asks, pivoting to look out the window himself, but by that point, Sam's disappeared. "I, uh, just remembered," Ava stammers, attempting to cover for her outburst, "when I was a kid, I swallowed, like, eight things of Pop Rocks and then drank a whole can of Coke -- you don't think that that counts as a suicide attempt, do you?" Hee.

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