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The Hardy Boys Need Their Space

Back at the motel, Sam and Ava enter through the sliding glass door, and Ava shakily makes her way into the room as Sam dumps Scott's confidential folder on the kitchenette's table. "Are you okay?" Sam asks upon noticing Ava's frazzled demeanor. "Am I okay?" she repeats, dazed. "I just helped you steal some dead guy's confidential psych files," she shudders, advancing upon him. Sam frets. "I'm awesome!" Ava sings, totally stoked at their little adventure. Sam grins. As do I, despite my better instincts. The fun Katharine Isabelle's having with this role is simply too infectious, I suppose.

A short time later, the two burglars are listening to Scott Carey's final therapy session. Outside, Dean wheels the grumbling Metallicar into the motel's parking lot and cruises down the row of rooms until he spies Sam's remarkably broad back through a set of sliding glass doors. "Thank God you're okay," Dean breathes. Just then, Sam darts off to another part of the room, revealing Ava's presence therein. "You're better than okay!" Dean grins approvingly. "Sam, you sly dog." "Callback!" Raoul shrieks. Dude, stop screaming at me. I think everyone got that reference, okay? "If you don't want my help," Raoul pouts, "I won't offer it. I have better things to do, you know!" Like what? Pasting screenshots of that jugular bite into your Special Moments With My Special Agent scrapbook? "You heartless wretch!" Raoul sobs, clutching the scrapbook in question to his chest. "Just because you've never experienced true love!" Oh, don't be like that, Raoul. [Sniffle.] No, seriously, don't be like that. People are going to think you're some kind of psycho stalker. Now, anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah. Sam and Ava have reached the part of Scott's session we didn't get to hear the first time around, and Scott explains via the microcassette, "He says he has plans for me -- he says there's a war coming, and people like me, we're gonna be the soldiers. Everything's about to change." Sam, with a pained expression on his face, shuts off the playback. "He's not talking about us, is he?" Ava worries. "How can we turn into that?"

Before she gets her answer, Sam bends down towards the file, and a just-arriving bullet smashes through one of the tacky blue-rose glass panels right where his shaggy head had been. As Ava whoops and screams, the camera skips outside in time to catch one of the sliding glass doors collapse into a cascading shower of shards from the same bullet. Inside, Sam pulls Ava to the ground as another bullet shreds through the remaining glass door. As the two rant and holler on the carpet, we scamper outside again to find good old Gordon Walker atop a nearby roof, armed with a massive sniper rifle affixed with an equally massive silencer, squeezing round after round into the motel room below. After a few more shots whiz past Sam and Ava to embed themselves into the wall, we get Gordon's through-the-scope perspective of the situation for a bit until stupid Sammy lifts his forehead into Gordon's line of fire. Just as Gordon's about to blast off the top of Sam's fool skull, however, Dean shouts out Gordon's name and boots the would-be Sammy killer hard in the chops. The boot's force flips Gordon onto his back, and Dean pounces on the guy's chest to beat him like a redheaded stepchild. Dean's fists connect four times with Gordon's face before Dean hauls the guy up by the latter's lapels to seethe, "You do that to my brother? I'll kill you!" "Wait," Gordon woozily pleads, but Dean's having none of that waiting crap, bitch, and thwacks him twice more before Gordon finally manages to grab hold of his rifle and ram its butt into Dean's head, knocking Our Intrepid Hero unconscious. Gordon rises to his feet in triumph, and the blood from his late beating pours from his lower lip directly down into the METAL TEETH CHOMP! below.

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